Does the 2014 Chrysler Town and Country use an oxygen sensor or wait fuel sensor? additionally are over there one or two financial institutions on this car?Friend has actually a P0 420 code and also I"m do the efforts to assist him out v that

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The 14 T&C has actually 4 typical oxygen sensors. The year should have actually the 3.6L. It has actually 2 banks, bank 1 being towards the rear of the van.
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Thanks.I"m looking at the freezer frame data and also some points don"t it seems ~ right.What precisely is absolute pack vs load? i m sorry value must I it is in paying fist to?What would reason the engine cpu to assume wide open throttle? (if I"m reading it right) the data pid"s *baro pressure and * manifold pressure says the throttle oursude/inside pressure is the same..RPMs are relatively low so the doesn"t add up either.Not certain if I have to be reading throttle position or family member throttle position. Either method they don"t include upThere are no driveability issues however I plan to test drive tomorrow.The photo posted in the very first post to be engine in ~ idle, parked.not certain why the o2 data wasnt recorded in the freezeThoughts welcome.

Monitor the financial institution one upstream and also downstream 02s. Upstream have to vary approx .1v to .9v downstream need to remain reasonably constant.raise the rpm come 2500 and watch the 02s if they room mirroring each other and there is no various other drivability comes to such as a misfire the would indicate a bad converter.
Looks come me the downstream O2 sensor is at fault. The downstream is a small jumpy however is not mimicking what the Upstream is reporting. No other drivability symptom noted. To help verify i was thinking I could switch the Upstream with the downstream temporarily which I intend would either cause a bank 1 lean/ rich or an additional 02 code if the sensor is not operating together it should. Would that *test* occupational to assist be certain it"s the downstream?
Swapping O2"s is certainly an option, simply keep an eye the end for different harness lengths and connectors. It can be much easier to swap the downstream sensors and see if the catalyst performance code follows. Additionally worth checking closely for exhaust leaks, as Chrysler has lots of problems with downstream sensor codes led to by pinhole leaks.If the password stays, climate it"s more than likely cat time.

so whats in reality going ~ above in a cat that has actually a p0420 code? obviously it is not totally blocked yet would there be any measure of back pressure top top a failing cat?
so whats in reality going on in a cat that has actually a p0420 code? obviously it is not totally blocked yet would over there be any measure of earlier pressure ~ above a failing cat?

Probably not.
uneven there"s a lack-of-power complaint? Otherwise, this password usually shows the cat is just chemically dead.Did the O2 sensor swap show any kind of change?

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