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we stock these Spark Plugs brands because that the Ford Edge: MotorcraftNGKBoschDIY SolutionsAutoliteSKPChampion

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Standard Copper core Spark Plug experiment to Ford specifications for performance and emissions.Resistant to oxidation and arc erosion.Multi-rib insulator protects versus misfire.Service term of approximately 60,000 miles.Nickel-Alloy Spark Plug feature electrodes engineered for extended life there is no platinum enhancements.Nickel-plated shell for corrosion resistance.Non-Extended-Tip Spark Plug offered in most older-model vehicle engines and some current-model truck engines.Commercial and tiny engine applications.Extended-Tip Spark Plug Fits most automotive and also many specialty applications. Provided in most modern engines.Helps protect against fouling at short speeds.Provides self-cleaning activity at higher speeds.Extra-Extended-Tip Spark Plug offered in certain specially design engines.Projects farther into burning chamber to attain optimum spark location.Platinum-Tip Spark Plug offered for typical distributor-equipped and also coil-on-plug ignition systems uncovered in many Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.High melting point provides terrific resistance to erosion.Provides organization intervals native 60,000 come 100,000 miles.Available together replacement spark plugs because that older model-year vehicles.Designated by the letters P or E in the component number suffix top top plug body and box.Helps establish extended business intervals of 60,000 come 100,000 milesFine-Wire Double-Platinum Spark Plug amplified electrode stay vs single platinum.2 to 3 times an ext platinum vs single platinum reduces the compelled firing voltage, resulting in diminished erosion the the platinum and increased resistance to fouling.Fits most automotive and also many specialty applications.Designated by the letter F or FE in the component number suffix top top plug body and also box.0.8 mm fine-wire design.Includes a platinum pad ~ above both electrodes.Proprietary platinum pad ~ above side wire electrode.Service interval of up to 100,000 miles.Platinum-Iridium Spark Plug deserve to be used in any type of engine regardless of ignition system.Iridium-enhanced facility electrode.interval of as much as 100,000 miles.High-Strength steel High thread Spark Plug 0.8 mm fine-wire design.Show much more Show much less