Has anyone replaced their cigarette lighter socket? I"ve never had actually to pull among these out before & searching for guidance - Seems like it have to be reasonably simple but.................Thanks!Ed

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I haven"t done this in a Liberty, yet have in various other vehicles (IF that is handled the same). Right here is how I think that will need to be done:1. Remove 1 ***** behind cig lighter (a little to the left the it).2. Pop off totality dash piece for your radio/heating controls3. From the within of the cig lighter, rotate the metal instance counter-clockwise. It actually unscrews from the socket, i beg your pardon I think is what holds it in place.4. As soon as the inside part of the lighter is removed, the earlier side should have the ability to remove and also disconnected native the electric clip.5. Install the new one in reverse order.Good luck.


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I may have powerslave ...I"m fairly brand-new here & recognize my method around If that bothered you, all apologies - just trying to obtain some assist wiring in this CB ..I should just go through the fire wall but ns can"t situate a feet to run with ThanksEd

In my KJ ns took turn off the trim cover that surrounds the radio and also HVAC controls (you won"t have the ability to get it every the means off because the HVAC control wiring will hold it there, but you"ll have the ability to pull that far sufficient away to acquire in behind the lighter). It have the right to be pried off follow me the top, then you need to remove one ***** behind the ash tray. I then disconnected the lighter wiring harness, which has actually a basic automotive layout clip top top it. The cig lighter socket itself has two locking tabs, one ~ above either side of the one in which it mounts through the trim panel. I offered a very small flathead screwdriver to press the tabs in, and then had the ability to pull the cig lighter socket loose from the trim panel. To placed it back in, it just snaps earlier in there climate snap the wiring connector ago on.Here"s how you go through the firewall if you decision to do that, yet for just a CB friend should have the ability to tap into just around any circuit you deserve to find...http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Jeep_Liberty/Electrical/Firewall_Penetration
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Thank you!
Thanks for all the good guidance everyone....Guess what mine Sunday project is going come be? LOLThanks again!Ed