GMC Acadia owners have reported 49problems related to power steering fluid (under the steering category).The many recently reported worries are noted below.Also please inspect out thestatistics and reliability analysis of GMC Acadia based on all difficulties reported for the Acadia.

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Failure of strength steering mechanism - at short speeds, power steering assistance is no active. Very complicated to revolve steering wheel indigenous a stopped position or relocating at low speed. This gift a safety risk in the capacity to protect against pedestrians, vehicles or other objects if driving at slow speeds, most notably parking lots. Condition started approximately the 50,000-mile mark. After additional examination, fluid show up to be leaking from the vehicle. Had auto taken come gm-certified dealership for service, and also was advised that the strength steering system compelled immediate attention. After further research there shows up to it is in concerning history of power-steering connected failure top top the GMC Acadia. Prior version years (2007-2011) had the warranty prolonged on the device upwards of 10 years and also 150,000 miles. In addition, a range of technical organization bulletins have been issued on the strength steering system of the 2016 GMC Acadia. Nhsta database also points to a number of similar incidents, typically occurring approximately the 50,000 mile range. This shows a latent manufacture defect in i beg your pardon further activity must be taken to resolve this recurring safety issue. Watch all problems of the 2016 GMC Acadia🔎.

My 2016 GMC Acadia was brought in for a basic car inspection. �the auto has 54,000 miles. �I to be told that failed inspection as result of the leaking of steering fluid. �I needed a brand-new gear assembly. �the automobile had no problems prior come this and also I take the automobile regularly to GMC. Fortunately, ns did not obtain into an accident, however I journey 60 mile a day to work and this can have been lot worse. The full cost to have actually it solved was almost $3,000. �I walk not have the prolonged bumper come bumper warranty, for this reason I had actually to pay the end of pocket. ��after reading many complaints around this certain problem, I referred to as GMC that company to make an official complaint through them. �if you own this car and are everywhere from 40-70k miles, please have actually this confirm out. �I have 2 small children and also I might have easily crashed if ns didn"t have actually my vehicle inspected. �this demands to it is in a recall immediately. �people to buy this particular car, due to the fact that they have children and want a safe vehicle. �the reality that they have actually not recalled this problem is awful. �I love american cars, yet I am losing belief in them. �please report this problem, for this reason that probably GMC will certainly be required to recall the issue and save lives.

Steering wheel making a whining/rubbing noise. Liquid leaking under the car. Took to the dealer and was uncovered to have tack and pinion is negative spraying out strength steering fluid everywhere. To be told the the steering will lose power and also become either hard to turn or not revolve at all bring about danger come ourselves and others. This is a known problem that has not been recalled through gm. See all difficulties of the 2009 GMC Acadia🔎.

Power steering pump failure. While driving my 2016 GMC Acadia on a pilgrimage of around 350 miles (mostly highway) everything seemed to be functioning fine until close to the end of the trip. As I exited the highway and also started slowing down the steering became an extremely stiff and by the moment I concerned a prevent light I could not revolve the steering wheel at all. As soon as the light turned environment-friendly I pressed the gas pedal and also as the rpm increased the power steering pump worked an excellent enough to do the turn and get me home. Luckily I only had around a mile to go. I checked the fluid and it to be low so ns topped it off and raised the former tires off the ground in order to revolve lock come lock to try to get any kind of air out of the system. ~ lowering the vehicle I do the efforts to journey it and also I still can not turn the steering wheel without pushing the gas. Together I looked additional I noticed the the hose the leads come the power steering pump has actually fluid almost everywhere it wherein it goes through a grommet attached come the behind of the engine. The grommet in the steel bracket to be falling apart and also the hose appears to it is in chaffing ~ above the steel bracket. The leak is very tiny and there"s no telling exactly how long it has actually been rubbing the bracket. The car is the end of warranty yet only has actually 50k miles on it and has never ever been wrecked or had any type of repairs excellent that might have resulted in this. It appears to be an improperly installed bracket/grommet that resulted in the problem.

Vehicle began making grind / squealing noises while driving once I turned. Steering was really tight and hard to rotate wheel. Brought vehicle into shop and also power steering pump to be leaking. $1,100 dollars later on my auto was fixed and also I was told that I might have shed my steering all with each other if the power steering liquid was depleted anymore. View all problems of the 2015 GMC Acadia🔎.

Power steering falls short while driving because of sudden comprehensive fluid leakage. Complaints come gm are unresolcved if gm continues to offer flawed vehicles.

Found leaks top top driveways. Took it obtain an oil adjust and asked lock to take it a look they claimed they couldnt watch anything leaking. Run forward 2 months leak is bigger on mine driveway native a dime to size of a baseball. And my steering was an overwhelming while steering I had actually no control causing me to avoid dead in road with my 8 year old in earlier seat . . . Scary , my husband confirm fluids and put in part power steering fluid and also in morning fresh strength steering liquid was found on cardboard took it come a human body shop for minor body repair and asked if they would look into it to uncover the problem. The seal power steering pump to pulley is leaking. Not extended under any kind of warranty I have actually or power train. Cost is about 1,300. 00 to solve I purchase this GMC in February 2019 from carmax ns havent also had it because that 4 months prior to it started leaking. Carfax on this has no significant problems of any kind of accidents. Looked increase this problem and found 16 other people this same moth having same issues.

I just got my GMC 4 months back and after ~ every light and also alarm has actually gone off the leak of power steering fluid has reason me to take to a dealer and I have actually been offered a $2600 bill to replace the rack and pinion and pump. This is not simply an issued with my GMC my sister has a 2011 Acadia and had the very same problem. This for sure requirements to it is in recalled together there is other wrong through it.

My steering liquid pump broke and the tube had actually to be replaced both leaked. Auto made noise when turning corners. Complained to GMC yet they refuse to take responsibility. See all problems of the 2014 GMC Acadia🔎.

The call owns a 2011 GMC Acadia. While operating the vehicle, the steering wheel felt loosened and a whining noise was heard when it was turned. The auto was taken to the regional dealer (sellers Buick GMC, 38000 grand river Ave, farmington hills, mi) whereby it to be diagnosed that the power steering fluid leaked native the vehicle and also the strength steering fluid seals required to it is in replaced. The automobile was no repaired. The manufacturer was no notified. The VIN was no available. The fail mileage to be 140,000. View all difficulties of the 2011 GMC Acadia🔎.

My first incident on my 2015 GMC Acadia sle fwd to buy brand new was this year in ~ 40000 miles. One head irradiate went out and then the other in which the dealer want 400+ bucks to replace. The bright is actually negative from the headlamps. Castle lights do not prolonged in former of you to see if you will certainly be comes upon anything and also can perhaps run that over. My second issue in ~ 41000 was the power steering. At some point I heard a loud whining together I rotate the corner on a city street and also suddenly the power steering stopped. I looked in the manual and it says to put a certain form of transmission fluid in there, yet I had actually just had a totally free oil change at the dealer around 3 weeks back and they execute not height off any kind of other fluids. After placing the liquid in the strength steering place, i noticed a leak. Pertained to find the end the power steering pump is leaking top top my vehicle with only 41000 miles. A brand brand-new car practically that cost 30,000 need to not have issues so soon. Today, driving to job-related I almost lost it due to the fact that my car every one of a sudden started jumping password "service stabilitrak; company traction control; traction control off; engine power is reduce" and my rate went from around 40 come 30 instantly. I was control on a city street web traffic while this happened and was unaware. Just think, if ns did not put on brakes and also was going at a certain speed and the human behind me is together well, and my car"s speed simply drop dramatically, what form of injuries can have occurred. Ns am really perturbed since this is the 2nd gm vehicle that ns purchased v defects and also my car just so take place to it is in omiited from any kind of recalls. I own a 2010 chevy malibu as well and also the power steering totally stopped functioning in 2015 and also I had to pay 1300 to obtain it fixed, while various other cars whereby on recall because that the same issue. I"m therefore done v gm!!.

Almost crashed into a tree with my 5 year old in the automobile after going with a puddle on a rainy day. There was a very loud squealing noise and then the steering wheel froze. I necessary to closeup of the door the vehicle off and also turn it back on come unfreeze it. It happened a 2nd time after ~ going through an additional puddle i beg your pardon thankfully remained in my driveway! carried it to acquire my belt checked and also the GMC dealer said they think I have actually a small steering fluid leak and would require a new rack and pinion? I had a exclusive mechanics second opinion and also they said they did not see a leak and the fluid was not low? but my transmission fluid was a little low? my auto does stutter native time come time but no lights have come on to tell me over there is a problem? not sure what to do I cant afford the $1400 come supposedly fix the car. We simply purchased that a year earlier and the only has 70,000 miles on it! I have actually done research and others have actually the exact same issue! gm requirements to remind this safety issue prior to someone gets hurt or worse!! they additionally need to figure out why so many have stuttering transmissions! I virtually got right into a collision because my auto stuttered as I was turning! the various other person had actually to slam on the brakes as I tried come hit the gas harder! I had a 3 children in the automobile on the method to baseball!! figure this the end gm please before someone gain hurt in this so referred to as family car!!!!. See all difficulties of the 2012 GMC Acadia🔎.

My steering in mine 2008 GMC Acadia appears to lock up intermittently. There doesn"t it seems ~ to be a rhyme or factor why this happens and also I cannot predict when it happens. Power steering liquid is full and not leaking. Was told the power steering is no "gone" however it is really hard to rotate the car when this happens. Ns feel unsafe considering i travel through multiple youngsters all the time. This is not something I have the right to afford come go out on my car at this time. Because of the various other complaints I have read i feel this is a recall issue and also it have to be considered so instantly by the manufacturer. Check out all difficulties of the 2008 GMC Acadia🔎.

My strength steering will certainly intermittently prevent on my when transforming at short speeds. Never ever had any type of issues up on till critical week as soon as I was taking my kid to school. I have actually no leaks therefore it"s not due to fluid loss.

Noticed a slim squeak once steering for this reason took automobile in for service and also dealer performed practically $5400. 00 of job-related on mine car. Here is what they wrote on the bill: c/s auto making a squeaking noise when transforming the steering whell at lower speeds uncovered to be leaking to a drop on to various other components. Replaced steering rack and cleaned fluids. Then they also did this service: c/s to deal with oil pna leak discovered in mpvi and also frnt cover to engine found to beleaking two seperate oil seeps discovered during mpvi. Due to failed seals changed said parts and also researled. Cleaned parts and also test drove and also due to this "fixes" carry out they additionally did alignment: c/s to do 4 wheel alignm. Ent because that steering rack carry out alignment come me the oil leaks seems to be result of power steering leaks as result of errosion the the gaskets and was wondering if this has been reported together an worry as $5400. 00 because that repairs seems extremely high. Was there recalls top top the strength steering issue? thanks, lisa stinebuck-jones 8954 summer crest drive cincinnati, five 45251 859. 743. 8948 stinebuckjones
me. Com.

17 strength Steering Fluid trouble of the 2012 GMC Acadia

I was driving in my community when my automobile started make a loud noise as I turned the wheel come the right. Ns turned onto my street and my vehicle started smoking, smelled choose something was burning, and the strength steering walk out. Luckily ns was close to my home. I looked underneath the vehicle and fluid was spraying out and the power steering pump busted the end of nowhere. Not just was the strength steering pump bad but the water pump is leaking likewise at the very same time at 85000 miles. An additional issue is the the service air bag has actually been on since I purchase the vehicle and also I took it ago to the dealership the following day and also they said they couldn"t discover anything wrong through it yet it remains on. What if I"m in an accident and the air bags aren"t functioning properly.

At much less than 70000 mile steering started locking up at short speeds and has slowly acquired worse at end 70000 mile with fluid level at proper variety and no leaks. Watch all difficulties of the 2010 GMC Acadia🔎.

While driving around a corner on one of two people side, the steering wheel has a jerk and roughness to it. Liquid checked out within the operation range. Shortly thereafter a leak started on the best side alongside the power steering pump/rack and pinion. Purpose of use is approximately 43000. Large safety concern after reading about the steering concerns that others have actually had.

In 2015, the gm dealer changed the strength steering pump because of failure under a recall. On July 7, 2016, ns took through car earlier to the dealer and now the rack is leaking power steering fluid. This proceeds to it is in an concern with these vehicle. An extremely unsafe come operate when the steering mechanism keeps failing. This concern has made the vehicle complicated to steer.

The contact owns a 2010 GMC Acadia. While driving approximately 55 mph, the power steering locked up in the middle of the roadway without warning. The call managed to journey home. The vehicle was taken to a local dealer who stated that the failure was a well-known issue. The dealer diagnosed that the car was leaking strength steering fluid and also engine coolant. The dealer additional diagnosed and also replaced the strength steering lines, power steering gear, water pump, pipe, and also hose. The manufacturer was made aware of the failures and also offered a discount towards a new vehicle. The contact rejected the offer. The auto was repaired. The failure mileage to be 72,695.

Purchased a GMC Acadia denali in Sep 2015. Had actually to have transmission repaired, struts replaced in Nov 2015. Started having difficulties with steering locking up when transforming wheel hard and also making a according to whining sound and also burning fluid smell in january 2016. Took auto to dealer and was recommend by service department that the strength steering pump/motor to be leaking and also requires replacement, and also the rack and also pinion is bad and has to be replaced. Additional research suggests this is a very common concern with this vehicle and gm is mindful of the defective power steering pump/motor and rack and pinion. Also dealer organization techs recommend it is a an extremely well known and also documented trouble with this model auto yet the fix is not spanned by the manufacturer. This is a an extremely dangerous problem to the driver that the vehicle and to the steering public and also pedestrians in general. Over there is an open class action lawsuit as well. Nhtsa have to require gm come recall this vehicles and also make the compelled repairs as to prevent a clear hazard to the public.

Rack & pinion to be leaking. Was changed at dealership. Strength steering pump also replaced. GMC did not make this public that there to be a trouble with pump. Changed pump liquid with a different kind than was initially installed. Countless GMC veh. Have actually this prob. The fact that GMC readjusted fluids in the steering system might have resulted in the initial to fail. GMC will certainly not admit there is a difficulty with the steering system. Please inspect with GMC amd acquire the truth.

I was simply told through the GMC dealer the my steering obelisk is leaking fluid. Apparently, this is very common problem, together it is all over every GMC Acadia forum and also logged in her database. Why is a recall no being issued because that this? that is clearly a design engineering or manufacturing defect. Why do we have to wait till there is a crash, injury or death prior to you space willing to issue a recall? this is absurd. My family members is currently spending $1,700 because that this repair.

As ns was steering on the interstate, my strength steering unexpectedly went out. I acquired to my destination and fluid was simply leaking everywhere. I had actually my automobile towed come a dealership after i researched my problem. Ns was conscious there to be a special an alert out around this vehicle and also the strength steering issues. Gm was originally only ready to settle the power steering pump, no the strength steering cooling line and power steering gear. After complaining and questioning, the dealership was able to get the expense down, yet gm would not cover the expense entirely to do my automobile drivable again. This is a recognized issue and they have admitted come it gift a problem, yet they aren"t willing to foot the bill to fix it ago to the condition it was before this issue. When they offered me a much far better price to settle it, they should fix it in ~ no price to me. The wording in the distinct statement was "steering pump wear" and also "sudden ns of hydrolic pressure. " both that which would lead me to think the word leak have to be covered as well. Wear to me median things being less than perfect and sudden lose of pressure method leak. Inexcusable for gm come weasel the end of addressing this worry completely.

I was just told by the GMC dealer the my steering gears are not working and are leaking fluid. They stated if the would have been the boot, it would have actually been covered under warranty. Apparently, this is really common problem, together it is everywhere every GMC Acadia forum and also logged in her database. Why is a recall no being issued because that this? it is clearly a style engineering or manufacturing defect. Why execute we have to wait till there is a crash, injury or death before you room willing to worry a recall? this is really frustrating. The GMC dealer quoted me $1,700 for this repair.

Just as others here, ns was educated by the technician that the steering gear/rack and also pinion assembly forced replacement due to power steering fluid leak. The dealership declared this would not be covered under a warranty and only the power steering pump has been recalled if steering falls short while operating the vehicle. There seems to be number of complaints concerning this issue with the 2011 GMC Acadia. Please take into consideration taking the time to investigate these details complaints. It very alarming to be notified that a reoccurring worry will no be resolved unless the strength steering stops working while operating the vehicle. It"s also concerning that several consumers have actually experienced the same problem with power steering liquid leakage and malfunctioning steering gear/rack. This is a obviously a continual complaint and also should it is in addressed.

During a current oil change, ns was educated by the technician that the steering gear/rack and also pinion assembly required replacement because of power steering fluid leak. The dealership proclaimed this would not be covered under a warranty and only the strength steering pump has actually been recalled if steering falls short while operation the vehicle. There appears to be numerous complaints about this problem with the 2011 GMC Acadia. Please think about taking the moment to inspection these details complaints. It really alarming come be educated that a reoccurring worry will no be fixed unless the strength steering falls short while operation the vehicle. It"s also concerning that several consumers have actually experienced the same worry with power steering fluid leakage and also malfunctioning steering gear/rack. This is a regular complaint and also should be addressed. Say thanks to you for your time and consideration.

GMC sent out a letter out saying there is a problem with the power steering pump and also that they extended the guarantee on it. In my case the power steering pump would quit at times and it had no strength steering feeling like hands-on steering. But before I could carry it in to gain replaced it to be leaking liquid which brought about the rack and also pinion to walk bad. I explained this to the manager and he said the rack and pinion wasn"t under warranty and also I had actually to pay for this which expense me $1372. 00 I sent GMC a email to complain and they called earlier saying the dealer would contact me which they never have actually I left lock a message to speak to me and also a number to reach me yet now nobody desires to contact me ago I think they desire me come forget about this. I claimed a rack and pinion need to not go bad on a van with simply 48800 mile on it and the strength steering pump led to this i beg your pardon they have to stand behind your product.

While attempting to turn into a parking spot at a purchase center, I shed power steering completely. Ns was able to man handle the automobile into a parking area that was sparsely occupied and did not hit anything. If i had remained in a different area that the parking lot, there to be a the majority of pedestrians, pushing strollers and most had youngsters with them. I can have hit numerous of them and had no regulate over the vehicle. I took it come the mechanic and also he claimed that the rack and also pinion required replacing. I have now got a bulletin native GMC advising that if ns have had actually a problem with steering, I must take the to mine closest dealer because that them to run a diagnostic. However, if the diagnostic didn"t display specifically that the difficulty was the power steering pump, climate I would be responsible for the expense of the diagnostic plus any kind of repairs needed. My mechanic has advised me that the pump is fine, but the rack and pinion demands replacing due to the fact that the seals or cylinders have actually been leaking. I had actually to add power steering liquid at around 23k miles, but the dealer declared it was probably simply not to fill up when it was off the factory line. So, I need to leave the automobile at the mechanic till I deserve to afford to have it repaired due to the fact that I don"t desire to journey it. I could have eliminated someone because of this strength steering failure. My research show that this trouble is typical for the 2008 Acadia and I feel gm need to stand up and do the right thing because that those of united state who purchase this vehicle.

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Powersteering it s okay tight and vehicle shakes. Brought to dealer and also powersteering pump and also gear is leaking fluid. The gm dealer told me the the powersteering part is covered yet will no cover the liquid leaking and I am responsible because that $500 payment. Brake pedal squeaks as soon as pressed down. Gm dealer informed that the brake is leaking and needs a brake liquid flush and also a brand-new brake booster.

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