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Before remove the old time belt on mine 2003 Kia Sedona, ns rotated the engine 4 times. As soon as the camshaft time marks are aligned, the crankshaft alignment mark is around 80-90 levels or 5 1/2 this from the crankshaft time mark. Any kind of ideas why they all space not aligned? The auto was running an excellent before we began the job which makes no sense provided where the alignment marks are at this time. The dealer was the last to change the time belt. Attached are some pictures;

The site is a big help.You must be running home windows (XP/Vista/7) and also Internet traveler (ver 7~) and have set up Adobe SVG (scaled vector graphics) come successfully accessibility this site. It is registered is free. There is a finding out curve as part things space not whereby you think they have to be.Some photos and home make tools."s some more info... this helps!Dave
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yes; i turned the engine clockwise. However, ns did use an impact wrench to eliminate the crankshaft pulley. Could this have caused the belt to slip? The belt is in an excellent shape so the seems very unlikely to me.
I constantly use an influence gun to eliminate the bolt, no difficulties here. Execute the cams ~ above the RH head line up v the crank, or the various other cams? The RH cams are the ones that are difficult to line up because of restricted space and also valve spring pressure. Otherwise, the is possible for the tone-ring ~ above the crank wheel to get loose although unlikely.

I recognize he probably currently did something yet I have to say this. Before you do anything else obtain the engine in ~ TDC top top #1 cyl then check the marks. Turn the engine ove 3-4 time and also checking the marks means nothing. Friend are developing a headache with no cure. Discover TDC and go from there. If you carry out anything else first you are just making the worse.
You room correct, i did produce a headache. I removed the old belt and installed it with the Crank and also Cams at TDC; The engine rotates fairly easy now. Provided the belt had slipped 5 teeth around 90 degrees, as soon as I rotated the engine those 4 times it damaged the valves. Ns performed a leak down test and also all cylinders failed. Challenging lesson come learn. Ns am remove the top now.

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well, misery loves company. I bought the van with a large oil leak, and it turns out it was the exhaust cam cap had come loose. I resealed it, and also got that running, but prior to I can go 10 miles, the engine locked up. After the cooled down, it would revolve over again. It turns out that, the intake video camer journals were not being lubricated as result of the oil leak, and the intake cam seized, the belt slipped on that cam, then, when it would turn over again, bent all 6 intake valves. I"m spring for another head now.
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