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Hey dudes,My wife"s 2012 emphasis recently started blowing warm air - I"m trying to find the low pressure a/c harbor so i can examine if it simply needs some freon, however I"m no finding anything all over online and I"ve worn down my Googling.Can anyone point me in the appropriate direction? A photo would be the bee"s knee"s so ns can get her earlier in action!

Moved come the MkIII section.In this ar you can discover threads on the HVAC device not working properly, occasionally the error is as straightforward as the control section in the dash not being plugged in properly.Checking/adding refrigerant through the low side port deserve to cause an ext problems 보다 it solves, since by just checking over there you can"t understand what is really required if anything.2012"s go have more troubles than average with the A/c compressor, you can find more info. Here:
I did come across that object in my original searching, and one that the guys had actually it fixed by just adding much more refridgerant. I planned on simply hooking up a gauge i have actually that tells you if the low, good, or may have mechanical problems. Its the cheapest first-step trouble shooting i"d favor to get out of the way.Alot of that thread is additionally "X occurred at the manufacturing facility so i obtained X fixed", but our cars now 3 year old with no previous ac issues.That gift said, go anyone occur to have response to my initial question? that will help out future users looking for the very same thing as soon as that times comes.Also, where deserve to i examine the dash connection? i doubt it would simply come unplugged randomly at some point though...Thanks!

Hey dudes,My wife"s 2012 focus recently began blowing hot air - I"m trying to uncover the low push a/c port so ns can inspect if it simply needs part freon, yet I"m not finding anything anywhere online and I"ve exhausted my Googling.Can anyone allude me in the best direction? A photo would be the bee"s knee"s so i can acquire her back in action!

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Here is the location yet please it is in advised the charging an AC system have the right to be very dangerous if you room not trained. Always verify you are connecting to the low pressure (suction) side of the compressor. Connecting a have the right to of refrigerant to the high push side the the compressor deserve to grenade the deserve to resulting in severe injury. The charging hose requirements to it is in purged before connecting or you will certainly be charging part air and moisture right into the system which will degrade cooling. This is finest left to a pro.As seafarer said, if you had actually sudden lose of cooling, I would certainly suspect something various other than refrigerant. Also if it was a catastrophic ns of refrigerant, the mechanism needs to it is in repaired and evacuated (pull a vacuum to eliminate moisture) before charging. Totally opening the device to the atmosphere warrants a brand-new drier together well.