The fuel filter top top a Dodge ram is located inside the gas tank. The only way to readjust the filter is to drop the tank and also remove the whole pump assembly.

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Most Dodge lamb owners are quite shocked to discover that the fuel filter is situated inside the gas tank. It can be quite costly come replace due to the fact that the entire unit have to be replaced and the gas tank removed in bespeak to carry out so.

To change a fuel filter on a dodge Ram v a petrol engine, remove the fuel pump relay native the power circulation center.

Start the engine, and also run it till it stalls. Begin the engine again, and also run it until it stalls. Repeat this step until the engine no longer starts and also then revolve off the ignition.

Next, disconnect the negative battery cable, and disconnect the fuel tank. Remove the filter from the rubber grommet, and also remove the fuel line after the hose clamp has been cut.

Replace the old filter through the new one by pushing the new filter into the rubber grommet, and attach the filter with a brand-new clamp. Placed the fuel tank earlier into place, and also reconnect the an unfavorable battery cable.

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Start the engine, and also check because that leaks.

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