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Own a 2009 Toyota Tacoma 4WD automatic. Ns accidently drained the automatic transmission liquid this afternoon and meant to drain the oil. Knuckhead move! In any case, go anyone have advice on how to change the ATF and also where is the "ATF fill plug" The internet is good but it seems to lack specifics top top this topic.

If you desire to try it yourself, review this post.
Live & LearnSo it transforms out that the 09 Toyota Taco 4WD has a closeup of the door transmission. That way unless you know what the hell you are doing have actually your van towed to the dealer and also let castle refill the infection fluid.

So it transforms out the the 09 Toyota Taco 4WD has a closeup of the door transmission. That means unless you recognize what the hell you room doing have your van towed come the dealer and let them refill the infection fluid.
Basically.If you drain the trans instead of the oil, the procedure for effectively replacing the trans fluid is more than likely pretty daunting.
the tranny is no an excellent mystery. And yes the does have a fill plug, drainpipe plug and also an overflow plug come ensure suitable fluid level. No unlike refilling a hands-on tranny by filling till the liquid drains the end of the overflow hole. It"s a PITA to find these holes so simply swing by a dealer and also nicely asking the service advisor because that the schematic. Most dealers will publish you the end the procedure out of TIS, simply ask nice...the "sealed for life" and also "lifetime fill" tranny bull**** position Toyota is adopting in not unlike other equipments like BMW, Audi/VW, and MB. Simply do an web search on any type of of the makes and thier "lifetime fill" trannies and also how countless customers have concerned realize the "lifetime" usually method 100k and also that the is a ploy come seemingly lower the cost of property of the vehicle...

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