Oil adjust time! Yup. Very exciting. But I’m constantly surprised when I encounter a “car guy” who doesn’t adjust his own oil. It’s such an enjoyable small ritual. Paying the high institution kid in ~ Zippy Lube come over-tighten your filter just seems prefer cheating.

So struggle the print button, carry this how-to the end to her garage, revolve on the crappy garage radio, and also get her hands dirty.


Step 1 - jack up the car and install the jack stand.

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My Mazda3 is tall enough that ns can acquire by with a solitary jackstand under one side. I choose to placed it as you check out here, under the A-arm mount. Ramps work too.


Step 2 - Pull turn off the plastic engine cover.

You have the right to do this with your hands. Pull from the back. It’s hosted in by the 2 pegs in the back with the arrows and one at the front. You can additionally unscrew the oil filler cap at this time.


Step 3 - remove belly pan.

This is a little bit annoying. The ship pan is held in with seven (7) bolts v 10mm heads. 3 in the front, and two on one of two people side. I think the car also came with a few of those plastic retainers the you need to pry out through a screwdriver? I never ever reinstalled those after removing castle the first time. I just trust in the OVERWHELMING lot of bolts to organize the pan in place.


Step 4 - remove drainpipe plug and drain oil.

The oil drain plug is top top the earlier of the engine. 17mm bolt head. Really easy to discover once the pan is the end of there. Drainpipe the oil out.

For the oil draining, I remove the jack stand and put the car earlier flat top top the ground. This gives you a little an ext complete flush. And, come go back a couple of steps, I constantly drive the car roughly a couple of miles before starting this project to warm the oil increase a bit. Warmth oil drains much better than cold oil.


Step 5 - change the drain plug washer.

I’m 90% sure that the drain plug washers come v the filters once you order them indigenous Mazda. The main line is to readjust the to like washer every time. I’m guilty of no doing that. You’re one adult and also can make that selection for yourself. Officially: readjust out the crush washer.

When the oil has finished draining, jack the car earlier up and reinstall the jack stand. Reinstall the oil drainpipe plug. Torque come 22-30 ft/lbs.

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Notice the socket head bolt in the center of the filter housing? That’s the drain plug. As I claimed before, i think it’s 6mm. Unscrew it and also a small amount (but not all!) the oil will certainly come out. Move your pan accordingly.

Once the oil has slowed, connect the huge socket and unscrew the oil filter. An ext oil will certainly be left in the base, so be mindful. I only splashed it all over my shirts once.

This is all had in the box from Mazda. You acquire a clean and also shiny filter cartridge, a small o-ring, and a large o-ring. The tiny one goes on her cartridge drain plug. The large one go on the cartridge itself.

The little green thing at the basic of the plug? That’s the o-ring. Swap that out. And also around this time is as soon as I favor to take turn off my gloves for some reason.

Old and busted goes away in favor of the brand-new hotness. If you’re particularly bored and/or crazy the day, you could cut personally the filter cartridge and also see if over there are any particles trapped. I always just toss it.

Don’t forget the large o-ring. This goes about the basic of the cartridge. Looks an excellent all clean favor that, eh?

Reinstall the cartridge filter v the large socket. Mazda’s speak spec is 22 ft/lbs. Be cautious over tightening as whatever is do of plastic.

Remove the big socket and reinstall the 6mm filter drainpipe plug. The speak spec is 7.6 ft/lbs. I’m guilty of just tightening it “enough” with the allen key.

Yes. The end is in sight. Just add oil and you’re great to go. The factory spec is 4.25 quarts. I include 4 quarts and then start the engine. This allows some oil circulate.

Turn turn off the engine and also wait a pair minutes for the oil come drain back into the pan. Check the dive stick. Add any oil required to carry it approximately full.

Reinstall the belly pan. Placed the car ago on the ground. Go for a check drive.