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I recently installed Donnelly Temp and also Auto Dim kit on mine CRV 2008 LX. The did not came with instructions on wherein to location the temp sensor. I put the sensor behind the horn i beg your pardon is through the fuse crate on the appropriate engine side. It did not rotate out to be a good spot, the temp in 7-10 degrees F greater than yes, really temp so i am substracting that number every timeWhat would be a an excellent location to ar the temp sensor? any type of pic would be great!

Kind of confused on where you stated your placement is. The horns room out behind the prior bumper. The fuse crate is under the vehicle drivers side of the inpanel. There"s a relay crate in the engine room, yet it"s increase by the firewall ~ above the driver"s side, no where close to the horns. ( The vehicle drivers side is the left side and also the pass. Next is the right).I put one in mine nieces" CRV, and also I placed the sensor right there in the door jamb of the motorists door. There"s too much warmth from the engine to placed it out front.
I to be sorry, that is by the fuse relay box on the ideal engine side behind the firwall in the engine area.

If friend can post a pic and also show what her talking about, yet the relay crate is ~ above the left side ( drivers side ), up by the firewall. The horns space out behind the former bumper.
standing outside of the car and infront that the engine, the relay box on the best side. Ns will short article a photo soon hopefully that will clear up.

That is true, if you are facing the front of the car, it is the best side. But laymens term, it"s the left and also the passenger next is right. We go by as soon as your sit in the car. However now I know you space talking around the relay box.But earlier to the orginal question, i would relocate the sensor the end of the engine area and also place in the door jamb far from the engine heat.

That is true, if you are encountering the front of the car, that is the best side. But laymens term, it"s the left and the passenger side is right. We go by when your sit in the car. However now I understand you are talking around the relay box.But ago to the orginal question, i would move the sensor out of the engine area and place in the door jamb far from the engine heat.
I view the brand-new 2010 has actually a temp guage, I"m reasoning of obtaining a auto dim /compass/temp/ mirror whereby does the manufacturing facility install the it no behind/under the front bumper?? where in the door jamb go you download the probe???
everyone desires to be the stage coach driver till a wheel falls off!2009CR-V LX splash guards, fog lights, roof rack, aftermarket alloy wheels, cargo cover, gentex auto dim mirror through homelink, compass & temp. Former grille chrome accents, sleek Stainless stole Exhaust Finisher, Hella double Tone Horns. Parrot CK3100 BlueTooth Handsfree phone call system. Converted to HD HI/LO Headlights.

Right up there about the inpanel and also front tower garnish. Ns ran the wire behind the pillar garnish and underneath the open up seal. Climate I placed the sensor on the jamb.
sure, the is choose up the warmth as the temp screen show around 7 to 10 F higher. For this reason I need to relocate it to one more location. Have the right to someone post a pic whereby they placed their temp sensor?
Hey nick,I acquired mine in the door jamb. However is that sensor really that big or is that an alarm horn there also? If thats the sensor, you"ll be restricted on where you have the right to place it.Maybe behind the cowl in the wheel well, there"s alittle room in there.
The sensor is that 2 1/2" long piece behind the alarm horn, it"s about 1" thich v the clip. I favor to location it in the door jam yet not sure exactly where would certainly that be.

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Actually once you open up your former door there is an opening behind the former fender. That could be a an excellent place also.
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