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i usually article on the truck forum, however i to be a policeman and drive a 99 crown police interceptor. This day it overheated and also i noticed the cooling fan was not running. I know it is relay protected, however without the manual, ns dont know which one come test. Can someone please assist me the end here?


thanks so lot for the info. Having actually been there, because the pan wont operation at all, what would you suggest to shot first? i love my job. Been at it 22 yrs altogether counting reserve and also full time, but sometimes that is testy. To make matters worse, i am cook of the institution campus police, and also with all the budget cuts in schools today, that leaves us doing the maintain by ourselves. Thanks again!!!!!

If it doesn"t run and also the A/C is on and cooling. Inspect for strength at the orange/light blue wire. If it has power there. The pan motor is poor unless the black color wire isn"t grounded. We have actually replaced those fans a couple of times.Where are you located? I have a pair of friends that retired indigenous our firm and aid at the Monmouth, Or training campus.
today, right prior to it overheated, ns noticed ac compressor wasnt kicking in and it was blowing heat air. So probably a relay????

If the A/C wasn"t kicking in, climate that"s a different situation. As soon as the pressure switch for the A/C senses pressure, it transforms the pan on come high. The engine temp sensor would revolve it on to low when the temp walk a small above ½ means up the gauge. Walk the A/C job-related at all?
ac has been working. I have to include freon come it every now and also then. It was working fine up till it began overheating, climate it would simply blow hot air. The compressor wouldnt kick in at all.
Have friend let it operation to watch if the fan will come on when the enging gets hot? The PCM controls the clutch but the 2 press switches have to be closed. V the A/C on and the engine running, power should gothrough both switches come the PCM. Check the black/yellow wire at the high push switch. If no power there, walk to the low press switch and see if there"s power on both sides.Here"s the circuit because that the A/C clutch.
Turn it on and also see if you have power where I mentioned. Execute you average the fan will not come on and also the temp gauge will enter the red if friend let it idle? This is without transforming the air on.

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yes, if friend let that idle, temp gauge will go into red zone. This is there is no ac on. Fan will certainly not operation at all
Pull that #3 relay out and jump across the sockets wherein pins # 30 and the top #87 go. The fan need to run also with the crucial off. If the doesn"t. You require a new fan as long as the black color wire to the pan is a an excellent ground.
sorry about the delay in posting,, had to work.. On mine crown, the 2nd relay crate is straight beside the very first one appropriate behind battery. That only has actually two relays, however the terminal number matched your photo except it only has the optimal #87. Just 4 terminals. I jumped as you suggested and also fan came on. Relay has actually a burnt spot ~ above it and one big post is loose. Uncovered out it is dealer only item, so to the junk yard ns go. Found an additional crown with the same set up top top relay boxes, and also low and behold, over there was another identical relay. So i will shot this morning with really hopes of an excellent luck. The various other relay in this crate is starter relay. I know that vehicle is 99, but motor has been adjusted with newer one. Is this relay box locations typical with 99 version or has wire harness been changed also?? thank you so lot for your, i really appreciate it, and also i will certainly let you understand tomorrow what happens!