1. Drain the engine coolant. Describe Draining and also Filling Cooling system in Engine Cooling.

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2. Remove the heater outlet hose clamp indigenous the heater core.

3. Remove the heater outlet water tap from the heater core.

4. Remove the heater inlet hose clamp native the heater core.

5. Remove the heater inlet water tap from the heater core.

6. Remove the instrument dashboard retainer. Describe Instrument dashboard (I/P) Retainer replacement in

Instrument Panel, Gages, and Console.

7. Eliminate the shift control. Refer to transition Control Replacement


8. Remove the heater duct screws.

9. Eliminate the heater duct


10. Remove the heater core cover screws.

11. Eliminate the heater main point cover.


12. Eliminate the heater main point pipe sheathe screw.

13. Remove the heater core pipe cover.

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14. Remove the heater core pipe foam seal.


15. Grasp the heater main point at finish tanks and remove heater core. Spray the perimeter of the heater core seal and also the heater main point pipes in ~ the prior of dash through a soap and also water mixture to ease removal."

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