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my 2008 grizzly 450 seems to top out at 35 mph and also i was just wondering if this is normal. I understand the bigger electric motors such as the 660 and 700s will certainly run right around 60 come 75 mph.



thanks males i am running 27x12x12 outlaws on every four. A k&n air filter phase 2 dynojet jet kit. Any kind of ideas on how i can complimentary up part extra strength it appears to have damn great low end yet just tops out at 35.

Sounds prefer it may already have a clutch kit to get much more low end. Once your running around 35 mph are the rpms to run high?
a small high it seems to run out that gears you know so the may have a clutch kit already i haven"t really gotten into the infection yet.
sounds prefer u need to obtain into the trans and also c if theres a kit in there or not yet u shouldnt loosened that much top finish if there is ns wouldnt think the sounds favor alot of lose in rate my old 250 moto 4 will run that all work lol
Are girlfriend going by the speedo? The larger tires would certainly make the speedo read lower than you"re in reality going, the does sound like you may have actually a clutch kit already if you"ve got great low end with those tires top top a 450. Additionally the throttle protect against scew might be ran in? ns dunno.
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35 has actually been the optimal speed of my grizzly because i gained it. The just motor mods ns did was placed in a k&n air filter and also a jet kit that provided it much better throttle response but thats around it.
The throttle screw could be ran the end to go at slower speeds, possibly the person before had a youger child who rode the or something, I never ever thought that that. Shot turning the screw in a couple of turns and see if that renders a difference.

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I think screwing it in would alleviate throttle travel. Correct me if im wrong pleaseSent from my dynatac utilizing Tapatalk
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Nope, you"re right, in will certainly decrease accelerator travel. You want to rotate it out.Might be the your weights are sticking, I have primary mode on mine and also I"ll still hit +50mph with machined sheave, re-arched camplate and also 1.5mm shims. If girlfriend are just hitting 35mph through the share tires earlier on that there"s something not doing what it"s supposed to. Look in ~ the primary or suspect something"s slipping.
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My 2012 450 EPS, all stock-no mods, tops the end at 52 mph. This is utilizing handheld GPS, which is far an ext accurate than the set up speedometer (GPS is + or - 0.1 mph)
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