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I have been reading the forum a little (this one and others also - lurking).My wife"s sienna now has nearly 110K mi top top the odo. Time because that a tranny fluid drain and also fill.Quick question, do the efforts to get the liquid from regional Autozone. Can you phone call me if THIS fluid will do for the Sienna? ns am at work and trying to heat up some things.If this is no appropriate, can you recommend rather that i can acquire at the Autozone or Adv Auto parts store? ns guess I will certainly need around 4Qts of it. To plan to replace the filter and gasket as well (with a an excellent inspection that pan and also cleaning of magnets together well).Appreciate the help.
I wouldn"t usage that. If your infection dipstick is black on top and also has "ws" significant on the you require toyota"s civilization Standard fluid. The it has actually an orange height you require toyota form T-IV or Mobil JWS-3309 (they room the exact same fluid), if you want to stick come the original. No sure just how your transmission will like the various other fluid. The readjust from type T-IV come WS fluid happened throughout the 2007 model year. Http://
You could use that fluid as a replacement for Toyota T-IV, yet not for Toyota WS (WS or equivalent is what"s needed for a 2007). Castrol Transmax ATF+4 has a 7.5 cSt viscosity at 100°C, i beg your pardon is also thick for a WS transmission. If feather in one auto parts store, shot to view if they have actually Valvoline Maxlife Dex/Merc fluid. This fluid has a 6 cSt viscosity, i m sorry is the same to the WS, and it is additionally a fabricated fluid.
Appreciate your help. I will certainly confirm i beg your pardon one my wife has, then will certainly decide on fluid after. I assumed I observed a yellow tranny dip pole handle, not orange, as an initial reply stated though. Is that since the yellow was no a typical lemon yellow color? bottom line, yellow or orange, should suggest T-IV fluid.

O, $#!t! I replaced transmission liquid on my 09 based upon a create up because that 2004, and also I used kind IV fluid! I"ve driven over 1000 mile on it and also honestly didn"t feel any kind of difference. I guess I"ll need to do one more flash, using much more fluid this time come make certain that I got most of the old one out of the system.
Sorry, yellow, no orange. That"s because that my various other vehicle. Type T-IV is the original liquid for that. Honestly, for the price, I would certainly buy a pair of 5liter jugs that the cell phone JWS-3309 fluid and do a pair of drain/fills 50-100miles apart. After ~ 110k miles, the will readjust out almost fifty percent the original fluid and should save things happy for years to come. The drainpipe plug is a 10mm hex wrench and also I would acquire a pair of aluminum washers to replace the original. Less complicated than an oil change.
I"ve provided Valvoline Maxlife in mine Subaru together a below for more difficult to obtain Dextron. What i didn"t understand until now was the it"s WS compatible (per Samilcar). I downloaded their spec sheet, and also sure sufficient it lists that as fully synthetic and also Toyota/Lexus kind T, T-III, T-IV and WS (except hybrids) compatible.
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For Toyotas and also Hondas not use any kind of transmission fluid other than OEM. That takes around 3qts for a drain/refil and should expense you about $6 a qt. I carry out it every 30k. You space barely saving a couple of dollars yet your transmission is very valuable and a costly repair.
I basically agree the the couple of $$ conserved on a pan drainpipe may not be precious the risk. I"ve advised part that think any kind of fluid will execute that it"s a bad choice to deviate native the mfg"s recommendations. However, in this case, it shows up that Maxlife is undoubtedly a fabricated product the meets the requirements. I"m coming as much as a dump myself, so I require to give this some thought.

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Current: "15 Sienna minimal Premium (FWD), "14 Subaru Outback, "18 Subaru Forester, "18 Toyota RAV4Past: "13 Honda CR-V, "08 Sienna LE (FWD), "02 Subaru Outback, "02 Honda Odyssey EX
Looks prefer mine is ws fluid so per all her advice, a expedition to to buy ws fluid (the stick has a faint ws stamped ~ above it near the notches). Any advice where the ws liquid can be bought other than dealer?
I"m pretty sure WS is only available from toyota. Samilcar mentioned the Valvoline Maxlife might work. That"s no a risk I would take, however different strokes etc...WS is a fabricated fluid and also considering the actual cost to adjust a few liters ($40-50 max), I"d protect against by the dealer. It costs more to to fill the gas tank once, come say nothing of a infection repair.