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Yes...that is method too much. In the lengthy run, you can warp your rotor because of too much torque indigenous the lug nuts. So yes, that is a great thing you bought the speak wrench.I confirm discountedtires net site, they said all Toyota model from 85 come 2005 the setting is 80 lbs. However I asked particular for 07 camry the is 77 lbs. V6 SE, Blue Ribbon:Greddy Catback: TRD springs: Fujita F5 Cold air Intake: 18" TSW Nurburgring
There is a large different in between 120 lbs. And 90 lbs. Of talk setting.All i am speak is ns don"t trust any kind of one v the torque setup but myself. For this reason if you have the tire rotate by someone else (even if that by dealership).....I always re-torque the setting.

Well for his gen 5 its in ~ 76lbs/ft. Yet not favor that one increment really matters. In my moral opinon, warpred rotors casued by torquing down too tight ~ above a lug seed is pretty rare. Ns mean...before most world just offered a star wrench and wrenched down on it as hard as they could...and they to be okay. Come me, as soon as i watch warped rotors because of the not correct torque as result of the mechanic at shops or dealerships. BEcuase they use affect wrenches and they just force the sucker down. By hand...most people"are aren"t going to go incredible hulk simply to tighten under a also if you try somewhat hard...i think you"ll still it is in in a safe zone.

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2007 Camry SE V6 - Titanium Metallic w/ Dark Charcoal - JBL Audio - Sunroof - behind Spoiler - Auto Dimming mirror w/ Homelink - 30% LLumar tint - VG Shark Fin - SoundLinQ2 Sirius KitI to be THE STIG
Your wrench is going to have actually some margin of error together wellThe publication spec on one "05 is 76 ftlbs, but if friend overshoot and also hit 2-3 ft lbs over, the won"t matter - going to 95-100 ft lbs could cause problems.more importantly, make sure you tighten in a criss cross pattern and only revolve each seed a tiny at a time.If girlfriend have ever watched the assholes in the tire shops with the impact wrenches, then you will certainly know precisely why rotors get ruined.I walk to the tire shop with my very own wrench and tell them ns will carry out it the right means and to acquire their affect wrench the hell far from my car. It yes, really pisses lock off, but fuck"em, it"s my car, my rotors and also my lug nutsI have also been in a situation where the tires shop tourqued the damn points on so hard that I might not get the lugs off v the manufacturing facility lug nut wrench once I had a flat on the next of the road.I additionally have had lugs rest while taking them off because of misused affect wrenches.As you have the right to tell, i really hate "professionals" in tire shops, lock suck.