GL Fuse Box locations X164 (2007-2012)

Engine only ( Behind the headlight top top the passenger side)Side the dashboard. (Passenger side)Under the passenger seat. Fuses are alongside battery.In the rear, trunk on passenger side.

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Fuse varieties Used on Mercedes-Benz

The ATO and also MAXI fuses are set up on the fuse crate panels. If you would like to conserve on this fuses, you can purchase a box v 100+ fuses for just a few dollars top top Amazon.




Interior fuse box is located on the side of dash. You will uncover the fuse crate if girlfriend look at the passenger’s side of dash. A plastic covering can quickly be removed. Usage a Dash Trim Removal device to protect against damaging the dashboard.

Fuses box Side of Dashboard, Passenger side.

FuseFuction, Purpose, DesignationAmpere
10Blower motor rate Control10
11Instrumest Cluster, Dashboard5
12Air Conditioner Controls15
13Steering column,Upper manage panel5
14Ignition EIS manage Unit7.5
16-18Not used


Your Mercedes-Benz also has a fuse crate in the rear compartment. To accessibility these fuses you will have to remove the covering on the best side that the luggage compartment.

GL X164 Fuse crate in rear Compartment

FusePurpose, Designation, Use, FunctionAmp
20Radio Antenna Filter5
21Control Unit N72/2 Rear facility console move module5
22Parktronics, Stationary Heater10
23COMAND, DVD, Radio, Stereo10
24Emergency Tensioner ideal Front40
25COMAND, DVD, CD Changer15
26Door manage Unit – ideal Front25
27Passenger seat adjustment30
28Driver chair adjustment30
29Emergency Tensioner Left Front40
30Fuel Pump40
31Steering Wheel Heater10
32AIRMatic, wait Suspension15
33Keyless go Remote Entry25
34Door manage unit, Left front25
35Sound System, Amplifier, Subwoofer30
36Tele Aid10
37Backup Camera5
38Digital TV Tuner10
39Radio Tuner, Digital Broadcast,Tire press Monitor7.5
40Easy fill Liftgate, behind hatch door closing30
41Overhead regulate panel25
42Panoramic glass sunroof25
43Fuel pump20
44Socket 12 bolt front20
45Socket 12 volt rear20
46Cigarete lighter15
47Door sill molding lamp / illumination10
48AdBlue Relay5
49Heated rear window30
50Liftgate wiper15
51activated charcoal filter valve5
52Emergency tensioner retractor left and also right front5
53fuel pump5
54Front SAM,Headlight range adjustment5
55Instrument cluster,Light switch7.5
57Fuel Pump20
58Central gate Way7.5
59Neck agree Head Restraint7.5
60Glove light,Rear Sam control Unit N10/8Tele Aid, Comand APS5
61Restrain air Bag SRS, boy seat recognition7.5
62Front Passenger and also Driver seat adjust switch30
63Lumbar Support30
64-65Not used
66Pneumatic motor because that multicontour seats30
67Air Conditioner Blower -Rear25
68Heated seat and also steering wheel25
70Trailer hitch20
71Electric brake manage for trailer30
72Trailer hitch socket15


There are fuses situated in the engine bay. Lock are situated right behind the headlight, ~ above the passenger side.

GL-Class Fuse crate in the engine bay.

101Purge Control,Oxygen Sensor Upstream15
102Transmission Oil Pump10
103Engine control Unit25
105Connector, ME regulate Unit15
106Not used
107Air Pump40
108Air Compress because that Air Suspension40
109Electronic Stability manage ESP25
110Antitheft alarm System, Siren10
111Direct Select30
114Front SAM N105
117Distronic DTR7.5
119Control Unit5
122Engine Starter25
123Fuel Filter20
124Power Steering7.5
125Not used

R-Class Fuse Assignment, Location Back

KRelay, circuit 15R sockets
Ltrailer hitch
Mheated behind window
OCircuit 15 relay
OFuel Pump
PRear Wiper
RCircuit 15R
SFront socket
TRear socket
UTrailer Hitch

Your Mercedes-Benz uses Automotive blade Fuse Type. A crate of 100 fuses which include all the various ampere ratings the you need cost less than $20 on Amazon.

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Make sure to effectively close the fuse box cover and lock the tabs properly. This is really important to avoid any moisture obtaining inside the fuse box. The fuse box panel has actually a seal the is designed to save water and moisture out of the box.
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