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Page 350 A label that identifies each component may be published on the within of the cover.Refer to the graphic below for FUSES/IPM location. 350MAINTAINING her VEHICLEReplace the belts if they appear frayed or worn or if the buckles do not work-related properly. Dry through a soft tissue. Fuse and also Relay center (TIPM) FUSES/INTEGRATED power MODULE (IPM) An incorporated Power Module is situated in the engine compartment close to the air cleaner assembly. This center contains cartridge fuses and mini fuses.

Page 351 BlueDescription power Seats CCN strength Locks strength Outlet Ign Run/Acc Inverter Pwr run/Acc Outlet RR IOD CCN/ interior Lighting RAD pan Relay Battery feeding IGN Run/Acc Cigar Ltr/Sunroof7 Blue 3 10 Amp Red 4 10 Amp Red 5 20 Amp Yellow 6 10 Amp RedDescription north 4WD ECU ...

Page 352 ... 2 IGN RUN only ORC feeding IGN operation ORC/OCM feeding Hot vehicle (No Fuse Required) Heated seat Headlamp Washer Relay regulate ENG ASD manage Feed 1 Blue 24 15 Amp Lt. 352MAINTAINING her VEHICLECavity Cartridge Mini Fuse Fuse 17 10 Amp Red 18 40 ... PWR feed PWR Amp 1 & Amp 2 feeding IOD feeding Radio IOD feed Intrus Mod/Siren IGN run Heat/AC/ Compass Sensor ENG ASD Relay feed 3 power Sunroof FeedCavity Cartridge Mini Fuse Fuse 25 10 Amp Red 26 15 Amp Lt. Blue 21 10 Amp Red 22 10 Amp ...


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