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EstimateDealer EstimateShop Estimate
Labor Cost$752.00$882.94$830.22
Parts Cost$553.00$1106.00$691.00

Service Name
Cabin waiting Filter Replacement
Spark Plugs Replacement
Timing Belt Replacement
Water Pump Replacement
Timing Belt wheel Replacement
Timing Belt Tensioner Replacement
Change Oil and also Filter
Rotate Tires
Transmission fluid Service
Valve Clearance Adjustment
Check Brake, Steering and also Suspension System
Check Parking Brake System
Check all Hoses
Check all Fluids
Check Exhaust System
Check Axle Shaft
Check drive Belts
Check Cooling System

Parts commonly used throughout the 2007 Honda Odyssey V6-3.5L 105,000 mile maintain service

Part NamePart BrandPrice
Regular Engine Oil - 5Qt$29.99
Oil drain Plug Gasket
Oil Filter$2.57
Coolant - 4Qt
Timing Belt Kit and also Water Pump
Spark Plug
Cabin air Filter$19.95




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Very informative! unfortunately his diagnosis was poor news, however he offered me several choices so I can make an notified decision on what to perform with mine van.
The photo have to taken at the moment he start to be an mechanical. The is experienced and also get the project done quick.

I have to be honest, this to be the first time that, i have ever before felt "at-ease" about an auto mechanic. Jonas was thorough and straight forward v me around the issues; offered me a quote directly after act the diagnostics top top the auto and, together it turned out, it expense me much less than the original estimate. As soon as does that ever before happen with auto repairs ?? He to be friendly, informative and knowledgeable. Girlfriend folks made the entirety experience convenient and also painless. I"m "sold" ~ above the "Your Mechanic" concept. I"ll more than likely never take it my vehicle again to a timeless mechanic no Jonas was a pleasure to address !

Stephen was really professional and spoke to me in terms that ns understood. Return the news around the automobile was no great, he defined the why"s and also what it would certainly take to settle it. Ns will speak to on that again. Countless thanks!

Very impressed v the high quality of work. Ned to be on time and on budget. There to be no surprise extra costs. Ned also helped me out through my other car, also though i didn"t have actually an meeting for the various other car. The took treatment of every one of my vehicle problems and also he even found me a coupon for an oil change. I will be utilizing this service again.

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