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i walk a search and also im yes, really confused:iorun: ..the bolt patterns that save comming up for the public si seem come be:5x5.45x100and i think i experienced a 5x114 and 5x114.3 also 5x114.5wtf:iorun: help...:sadwavy:i really desire these rims yet im sooo confused as if they would certainly fit or not?


so i just look because that bolt pattern for 5x114?what if the rim has multiple applications? favor the one pictured above?

the wheel over is 4x100 and 4x 114.3 if you acquire rims through multiple patterns make sure edit: the it consists of 5x114.3
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well ns dont think i need to define myself anymore however does anyone recognize where ns can obtain seat cleaner because that the si.

If it states it will certainly fit 5x114 then it will, occasionally they put pic"s up for 4 lug models but they also make it because that 5 lug.

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Good thing you"re only going because that looks because they weigh much more than the OEM wheels. Www.wheelweights.net17x7 = 24.5lbs18x7 = 27.5lbs18x7.5 = 28.5lbs
so yea i hada comparable queston. I desire to acquire these tenzo rims from the owner. Yet the bolt sample of the rim is 5x100 and also for my si im pretty sure its 5x114. So ns guessing these rims won"t work for mine sedan?
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