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Hello all. My brand-new to me 2012 Outdoorsman was absent the operators hands-on when i bought it(still waiting for dealership to get me one) and I currently seem to have a minor strength steering fluid leak. I"m getting it looked at following week, however need to optimal up the liquid until then. What kind do these trucks use. Thanks.RACKMAN
Mods- SS 5in oval steps, Tonno agree Trifold Cover, Magnaflow 14in, Chrome fuel door, Cabin air filter

go to the website below & scroll under to customer ASSISTANCEyou will require 2 points for sureYour Rams VIN# & existing mileagewhen you gain them ~ above the phone, ask because that 2 thingsan owners MANUAL
& if friend don"t have actually it, the radio/navigation manual & customers manual, the dealership might never uncover oneAlso ask for a construct SHEET, everything is FREE owner Manual have the right to be uncovered at
2016 lamb 3.0 diesel 3.55 w/LSD, G2 tonneau, Line-X, Weathertech mats, Mag-Hytec differential cover, Nfab bars, CB radio, EGR bug deflector

go come the website below & scroll down to customer ASSISTANCEyou will require 2 things for sureYour Rams VIN# & present mileagewhen you obtain them top top the phone, ask because that 2 thingsan owners MANUAL
& if girlfriend don"t have it, the radio/navigation hand-operated & individuals manual, the dealership might never discover oneAlso ask for a build SHEET, whatever is FREE owners Manual deserve to be found at
Nope. Yet thanks anyway. Called and was provided a bunch of crap that new vehicles no much longer come with document manuals. Apparantely they come through a computer disc. What an excellent is a computer system disc as soon as you space not in ~ home and need to uncover out some info around the vehicle???? It"s to be years since I to buy a brand-new or almost brand-new vehicle, therefore is this the instance or am i being given the operation around. RACKMAN

Like they said, the power steering mechanism uses ATF +4 trasmission fluid.Incredible that a new truck is leaking...

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