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I obtained a evade Nitro in February, and it was due because that an oil readjust a few weeks ago. Mine dad went to adjust the oil and also he couldn"t gain to the oil filter to adjust it. Go anyone have any kind of ideas of exactly how to acquire to it??
It"s just a chop fit native the bottom. I gained mine through an oil filter wrench that has a jointed favor handle. Then I placed on a k&n oil filter which goes on v a regular wrench.
the dealer, gettin one extra key, the male mentioned something about the nitro demands a special oil (synthetic?) that just dodge has? i didn"t have time come quiz him an ext on it, yet has anyone rather dealt or know around this? I would really appreciate any type of feedback. THANX,PLUMBOB
R/T Oil change Level QuestionGood evening, board...Have one oil change question.I just changed the oil in the R/T and also put in the 6 quarts the 10w30 the the owners hand-operated stated, and also after I confirm it, the was means over the overcome hatched "safe" area (yes, ns ran it for a few minutes too).I never looked at the dipstick to check out where that was prior to I drained it come compare.Anyone wanna walk look at your dipstick top top a 4.0 for me?Thanks!
I recognize it wouldn"t be very smart to only put the one value in the manual, however 6 quarts sounds like the "dry" engine quantity (never had oil in the before). Offered that, it"s probably more like 4.5 or 5 quarts once doing one oil change, relying on how long you let that drain.
oil ?
My mechanic, when he experienced that I had actually purchased mine Nitro claimed not to ever before let anyone install oil over 20 weight together heaver oil it s okay trapped in the top recesses of these engines therefore starving the reduced end. So, I use 5W20 Mobil 1 in mine. Regards
Oil change & Oil readjust Light
Anyone number out the mystery to changing the oil filter ~ above the 3.7?

Having the very same problem. Just went to change my oil and also couldn"t for the life that me figure out just how to change the filter.
Having the very same problem. Just went to change my oil and couldn"t for the life of me figure out exactly how to replace the filter.
I walk up with the front through a filter wrench through a VERY little hole in the driver"s side front just behind the bumper in front of the motor. Make certain you use one of the frams with the sure grip top top the filter that method you have the right to leave it simply hand tight and pull it off by hand the following time. Easiest way I have found but there needs to be an simpler way....
Having the same problem. Just went to change my oil and also couldn"t because that the life of me number out exactly how to change the filter.

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used to have actually the same problem too. It always tooked me an hour everytime i adjusted my oil. I got pissed of every the time. I had actually to to buy and change my dodge oil filter. Now, it is much easier for me to readjust oil.
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