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My SES light came on, throw the evap code. I desire to clean it, yet where is it? browsing on this forum is worthless, no issue what ns punch in I obtain 100,000 outcomes that have nothing to execute with what ns need.



Check the Evap/Purge Valve and make certain the electrical connection is facing toward the tank and not the intake. This happens once they are set up backward after a MagnaCharger install.
Thanks guys, the purge valve and also vent valve were not expensive at the dealer so i picked up both. As shortly as it dries increase I"ll obtain down and also put them on.
Where is the purge valve? The Hayne"s hand-operated says it"s right above the starter but I don"t view anything there.
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Found it, much easier location than over the starter... Many thanks Haynes.We"ll watch if mine SES light stays off this time.
Where is the purge valve? The Hayne"s hand-operated says it"s right over the starter however I don"t view anything there.

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That is the ar on the 4.2L I6 engine. Yes, increase by the input is wherein you"ll uncover yours top top the 6.0
Im having actually the same problem with mine. I got a brand-new gas cap and also i still obtain the po496 code and sometimes after i fuel increase i acquire a hesitation once i start the truck and also shortly after get a p0455 code. :dunno:
Pull the engine covering off, and if you"re standing at the front looking at the engine it"s ~ above the best side directly behind the alternator. Can"t miss it. The part was $36 in ~ my local Chevy dealer.Well my problem is official fixed. I fueled up the various other day and no hesitation, started right up, SES light has actually not come back on. Thanks for the assist guys. Ns love once things room so simple.
can some one article up the GM components #"s for the purge solenoid and vent. I"m having actually the same problems too through the evap code po496
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