When your VW an essential isn’t functioning properly, it deserve to be very annoying. Fairly often, this difficulty is concerned a dead battery and also can be fixed rather quickly. Obtaining this difficulty addressed will save you a ton the hassle. Here is a perform of steps to deal with the problem.

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Before we acquire to the fix, this systems works through the VW switchblade style key fobs. These are the people that room rectangular and have a button on the side. When you push down top top the button, the metal crucial will flip out into position comparable to a switchblade knife.

Do that Yourself


To resolve this problem yourself with call for some time, patience, a flat head screwdriver and a CR2032 replacement battery. Below is exactly how to perform it:

press the button on the key to flip the end the metal crucial – activate the switchblade. Ar the an essential fob ~ above a level surface and find the side with the VW logo facing up. Revolve it to obtain the metal crucial sticking out the right and the channel, whereby the key fits, facing you. Next, closely inspect the channel and also find where it is vertically split. Seize the flat head screwdriver; insert it into the split and turn in order come pry open the crucial fob, producing two pieces. The battery compartment have to be ~ above the left side and the key on the right. Taking the very same screwdriver, pry open up the battery compartment to get to the battery. Replace the battery with the CR20232 v the + side dealing with down. Lastly, placed the an essential fob back together by reversing these steps.

Dealership Option


If your vital fob isn’t working properly, monitor these steps to diagnose the problem.

Replacing the battery in the VW an essential can seem like an easy thing to do. However, there are times as soon as it provides sense come visit your local dealer because that assistance. These situations are once you space nervous about breaking the crucial fob or her fob is misshaped or otherwise damaged. Having an professional technician look in ~ it then is a wise step to take.

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The reality is the replacement vital fobs aren’t cheap and breaking her trying to replace a battery is not a wise move. Having your local VW dealer organization this for you, deserve to save girlfriend money and also hassle.

A appropriately working an essential fob is frequently taken for granted and it is constantly when it doesn’t occupational do you an alert how much of a pain that is without it. Get your an essential fob addressed ASAP and make your life a lot of better.