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Truck has 130K miles. Battery examine is good, tested under load) every the lights come on as soon as I revolve the crucial but no begin or clicking of a solenoid. Checked fuses, every look ok. Will check for starter solenoid tomorrow watch if the is working and to check out if power is accessible to the pin. I know where the starter is located so I wanted to check everything possible before heading in that direction. Besides what ns mentioned, space there any kind of other exam I should look before suspecting starter?Thank you
If you are gaining power come the solenoid and also it"s not clicking, change starter. If the solenoid does click but no start, inspect power to the starter. If strength is good, change starter. I know it"s under the manifold, so certainly a an excellent idea to give it a an excellent thorough check. But besides what ns mentioned, ns don"t understand what else to check. Never replaced mine yet. To be replaced prior to I obtained it. Doesn"t look prefer a poor intake to traction though if you have actually to. Sent out from my iPhone utilizing Tapatalk

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Been there, done that. Gain ready for an adventure.Getting accessibility to the starter by pulling the manifold is fairly easy, however replacing the starter chin is not easy. The mounting bolts that the starter are accessed in between the rear of the motor and the firewall. That is difficult at best, together the gap in between the two is just enough to obtain a wrench top top the bolts, but the big an obstacle is accessing those bolts while sustaining yourself over the motor.After my adventure, i vowed that, if I ever before do it again, i will develop a platform above the motor to place on while doing it. It will certainly be basic to build it of heavy punched angle and 3/4" plywood. At the rear, it will bolt come the firewall. At the front, it will certainly bolt come the "front firewall", i.e. Somewhere close to the bumper mounts. As soon as mounted, it must be rock steady. I"ll traction the manifold, download the platform, put on that on mine stomach, and swap the starter.Yes, really.Open the hood and also take a lengthy look at it. I might not with the starter mounting bolts by any method other than climbing into the engine compartment. Neither I, nor the engine compartment, are created that. It was a long day.What I discovered after removed the old starter was the the solenoid contacts to be worn out, and also this to be the problem. Lock arc through every use and eventually won"t do contact. The starter itself was fine.So, IF
that is the problem with yours, climate you have actually two alternatives: 1) change the starter and also solenoid assembly; or, 2) replace only the solenoid contacts.The tradeoff is: because you room going come a lot of of effort to get access to the starter in the first place, friend ought to replace the entirety thing, as it would not be satisfied to change the contact now, only to replace the starter a little bit later. But, accessing the solenoid is relatively easy, girlfriend would protect against the difficulty of building a platform and replacing the starter, and the contacts are an extremely much less expensive than the starter.My suggestion, presuming you have actually easy access to the parts needed, is to tear that down and also examine the contacts. If they room the culprit, then make a decision: change the contacts, or change the entirety shebang. Then gain the parts and get after it.