good afternoon, Yes that does. The is located on optimal of the accelerator body. Check out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know if you need anything rather to acquire the difficulty fixed.

ns am having problems with my truck, 2004 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer Edition, 4.6 liter engine V8, check engine light is on and it idles up very high in ~ times, causing it come jerk off an extremely fast and also my air will not get cold uneven you are on the gas. Ns took my van to Autozone and also they stated the IAC is not also on the truck however the diagnostic is analysis IAC, could you please show me whereby it is located?

Clean throttle plate ~ above both sides through choke cleaner then clean maf. Her doesn" t have an iac. Then look because that brokein grommets or ones with holes in them additionally check because that vacuum leaks.

give thanks to you hmac300, I had actually been racking my mind for work wondering wherein this part was, and now i guess my husband won"t need to hear my mouth lot longer. Give thanks to you much!
ns am having the hardest time locating mine Idle air control valve. The pictures I've seen doesn't match what i watch on mine motor. Can anyone help? as of right currently my truck will not continue running.

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Hello, Your car is journey by cable so it does not have actually an IAC motor becasue the accelerator body actuator acts as the IAC together well. Right here is a overview to help you watch what i am talking about. Https:// permit us understand if you need anything rather to get the difficulty fixed.Cheers, Ken
how much shoud it expense to fix an Idle Air control vavle? The repair shop I have actually used because that the last two decades was just sold and also I had the task done because that $295. It consisted of $90 diagnostic, $45 labor and $129 parts.
sounds reasonable, if your having it replaced again subtract the diagnostic fee, together you recognize what that is the parts are aroudn 100-150 dollars dependent. The job is native 50-100 dollars also.
i am suffering a humming or rumbling noise native my traveler when i am decellereting to idle. The noise happens at low rpm's and only when decreasin g. That sounds choose it is coming from the air intake just prior to it start the ebgine.
an ext then likely this would certainly be the idle air control so right here is a guide that will explain how to change this to add a overview that talks around noises from a vehicle. Please take a look in ~ number 6 ~ above this guide that talks around this in an ext detail. Https:// below is the process from the hands-on on exactly how to replace the IAC. Please let us recognize if girlfriend have an ext questions. Thanks
Engine mechanical problem2001 Ford traveler 6 cyl two Wheel drive Automatic 101K milesSir, an excellent site! I have actually an "01 Ford explorer Sport through 101K ~ above it. Every plugs, wires, filters, fluids flushed, etc. Whatever is done. Recently was told engine wait idle manage valve was bad. Idled in ~ 650 rpm"s and also unsteady. Never ever bothered me yet thought I"d walk ahead and also replace the valve. After ~ doing this ns cleaned the MAF sensor v correct cleaner and also started it. Functioned fine for a few hours, idle in ~ 900rpm"s smooth. Then examine engine light came on, engine rpm"s go to 1500 as soon as cold and also stay there pretty much anytime it"s in neutral. Ran the codes and said O2 sensors bad. Reset codes and also now no codes, however rpm"s room internitent from periodically perfect to various other times 1500 even when warm. Thanks.
Sounds favor your brand-new IAC valve has issues. In fact, I"ve had actually this problem myself. I changed the IAC valve because the automobile would not idle top top it"s own. I can hold the throttle open a tiny and it would idle fine yet as quickly as i let turn off the gas, it would certainly die. Well, I change it and then the idled at virtually 2000 rpms. No matter what ns did, that was the case. I got disgusted and ordered an additional IAC valve and it functioned perfectly.
my Mom"s Ford explore has a inspect engine light. Went to Autozone to obtain the code. Ns did some research around the IAC valve. Perform you know the place of the valve so the it can be cleaned?
This wake up every morning, worst as soon as its cold, begin the car it dies almost instantly, start the car again should keep car revs high or it will certainly die. Obtain the car of the drive and also lift foot that accelerator come brake the vehicle will dice (not an excellent power steering doesn"t work). Start automobile again after auto has warmed increase 3 Min"s the car is perfect, could this be that the idle control valve is not functioning my girlfriend a mechanic thinks this might be the prob yet his computer system is no a ford computer so it cannot uncover the problem and also forking the end 80+( yes pounds no $ UK car) for a new idle valve for a hunch is no my thingThank youPaul
SO your saying that after the automobile warms up the idle is perfect and you carry out not have to hold your foot ~ above the gas?
correct the auto idles perfect as soon as the car is warm its just first thing in the morning, have change the water temperature sensor and also that has made the auto run far better but has actually not avoid the trouble in the mornings.
If its warm in the morning the still has actually trouble beginning also?Where was the sensor located that you readjusted there is the coolant temp sensor, and also one for the temperature guage.
The sensor was towards the height of the engine in the middle under the plastic real estate the computor stated that the water temp to be 80deg once the car had just run for 30 seconds. The other question about the car beginning if the weather is warmth I can not answer yet. I am shaw that it was the coolent temp sensor.
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