The engine computer uses the throttle position sensor to read the position of the accelerator plate when it"s being moved by your foot via a cable. An electrical glitch in the sensor can relay false readings come the computer and cause your air/fuel proportion to end up being inaccurate, which is accompanied with bad throttle response.

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This article applies to the evade Ram 3rd Generation (2002-2008).

The throttle position sensor is mounted on the next of the engine accelerator body. It has actually a three-wire potentiometer, definition it different its resistance based top top its position. The engine computer supplies the sensor through a steady reference voltage of five volts through one wire, and receives a signal native 0.5 volts (closed throttle) to 4.5 volts (open throttle) native the potentiometer together the throttle is moved. The electrical contacts inside are susceptible come dirt, heat, and also vibration. Over time, carbon buildup on the contacts will cause high resistance in the circuit, creating drivability problems. Damages to the sensor or the linked wiring have the right to be felt together engine hesitation, stumbling, and also even misfires. Dodge arisen a calibration procedure because that the throttle place sensor that may restore suitable operation to her Ram.

After the 2003 version year, dodge Rams with the 5.7 hem engine began using "drive-by-wire" electronic throttle control. This article does not apply to those trucks.


Materials NeededElectronic ingredient Cleaner (CRC)Drill through a 1/8" drill bitTorx bits (T10-T30)Electrical tapeClear RTV silicone

Option 1 – Re-calibrating the sensor

Step 1 – Re-calibrate sensor

Before instead of the sensor, shot the calibration procedure:

Insert key into the ignition and turn the crucial to the "on" (not start) position.Wait for all of the warning lamp to go out. The examine engine light might remain on.Slowly boring the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor.Slowly relax the accelerator pedal till it"s every the method back up.Turn the ignition vital to "off".Start the engine.

You can likewise find this procedure in your Ram"s business manual.

If the calibration walk not aid you, friend can try cleaning or replacing the sensor.

Option 2 – cleaning or replacing

Step 1 – eliminate the throttle place sensor native the throttle body

First, disconnect the electrical connector native the sensor. Girlfriend will have to squeeze the bottom side of the connector while pulling it far from the sensor to do it release.

There are two Torx head screws stop the sensor to the throttle body. Closely pull the sensor out of the throttle body once these screws room removed.

figure 1. The throttle place sensor is directly above the idle air regulate valve.
Figure 2. As soon as the connector is removed, the Torx screws are simple to reach.
Pro Tip

Many device manufacturers make mini ratchets that have the right to be purchased through Torx bits to do this process easier.

Step 2 – Drill a small hole into the sensor

Using a 1/8" drill bit, make a tiny hole ~ above the inner side of the sensor. This is ideal made in ~ the facility of the angled surface. Usage light push while drilling, or friend will danger damaging the sensor.

Figure 3. A tiny hole has been drilled right into the sensor.Step 3 – Clean the sensor

Using CRC (Electronic ingredient Cleaner) or equivalent, clean the sensor through spraying the cleaner into the drilled hole. Together you spray, rotate the sensor column (pink circular component) come ensure the electric contacts has actually been reached. Dry the sensor by making use of compressed waiting in a irradiate pressure, or let the air dry.

Figure 4. Digital parts" cleaner. Action 4 – Seal and re-install the sensor

Once the sensor has actually dried, sheathe the hole with a tiny piece of electrical tape. Coat the outside of the electrical tape face and edges v clear RTV silicone to ensure a water and also dirt tight seal.

Re-install the sensor ~ above the accelerator body and tighten under the 2 Torx screws. These screws do not require lot torque. Then re-connect the electrical connector. You might want come retry the calibration procedure as soon as this is complete (Option 1).

If you space installing a brand-new sensor instead, your sensor might come through a brand-new gasket or O-ring certain to your version year.

Figure 5. Covering the feet in the sensor with electrical tape.

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Figure 6. A pipe of clear RTV silicone.

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