Dodge Dakota owners have reported 10problems related to ignition move (under the electric system category).The many recently reported concerns are noted below.

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Tl the contact owns a 2006 evade Dakota. As soon as the call placed the an essential in the ignition and started the engine, the an essential would come out and also the steering wheel seized. The contact had come use excessive strength to rotate the vehicle and also the inspect engine indicator illuminated. The auto was required to rick hendricks dodge (1468 savannah hwy, charleston, SC 29407, (843) 352-6931) and the mechanics to be unsure if a brand-new steering shaft and/or new ignition switch was needed. The automobile was not repaired. The manufacturer was no made conscious of the failure. The fail mileage was 103,000. View all problems of the 2006 dodge Dakota🔎.

The contact owns a 2007 dodge Dakota. When driving roughly 55 mph, the automobile stalled without warning. The automobile was may be to be restarted. The vehicle was taken to a mechanic who declared that the ignition switch required to be replaced. The manufacturer was not notified. The fail mileage was 156,937. See all difficulties of the 2007 dodge Dakota🔎.

The call owns a 1993 dodge Dakota. When driving about 35 mph, the vehicle stalled there is no warning. The dealer proclaimed that the ignition switch to be faulty. The VIN to be unavailable. The approximate fail mileage to be 160,000.

While the car is in the running and operational position, aka driving under the road, the an essential can it is in removed, by merely pulling it out of the ignition, and the vehicle will remain running, and also then over there is no way to closeup of the door the auto off. The ignition switch has actually been faulty since I to buy the vehicle. Ns am amazed no one has been injured, and also even much more surprised no recalls for this issue. View all problems of the 2005 evade Dakota🔎.

I began my vehicle and then left it to clear snow from that is exterior. The automobile locked me out. I was at home and got the spare vital to let myself in. While ns was driving, the automobile repeatedly locked and unlocked the doors through itself. This has actually continued, and the vehicle likewise now locks and unlocks even when the vital is not in the ignition. Watch all troubles of the 2003 dodge Dakota🔎.

Consumer states vehicle special ordered with power windows and also locks stalled out 3 times. Dealer replaced blown ignition fuse, replaced fuse that shorten relating to the surroundings of the power windows and locks and also replaced a mis-routed wiring in the ignition switch. In addition, the electric locks execute not work, and the irradiate switch should be jiggled in bespeak to turn the lights off. Consumer is requesting instead of of another Dakota (slt) model. Watch all difficulties of the 2002 evade Dakota🔎.

While parked in garage turn on ignition switch, within 2nd a according to explosion come from under hood. After opening hood noticed optimal of battery was shattered, and also engine compartment was covered with acid. Dealer / manufacturer to be not informed at this time. Provide any further details ~ above this matter. Watch all difficulties of the 1997 evade Dakota🔎.

Consumer had turned off ignition with key still in switch. Vehicle failed to turn off. Would idle 2600-3200 once vehicle first turned on. Would keep stalling the end if no high idling. Would keep pushing accelerator pedal to sluggish it down. To be to dealer at least 5 time for problem that"s no solvable.

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The position of the ignition switch is located too close to steering wheel. Allude of extra tricks dangling from vital ring deserve to swing and also become lodged in hole in ago of steering wheel during left hand turn. End result is steering locked and subsequent lose of car control. Manufacturer should be made come plug feet on back side the steering wheel. I have had actually this occur to me and also problem can conveniently be duplicated. I have actually temporarily put duct tape end holes to avoid this indigenous happening again. Watch all troubles of the 2000 evade Dakota🔎.

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