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got code for CPS.put on new one same problems.sputters in ~ 2200 rpm.engine revs so low its tough to an alert it.should i back probe the and double check or simply exchange it?2004 dodge quad cab.91000 miles 2wd.
What password did friend get? some codes are about the sensor only, some are about the sensor’s circuit (not consisting of the sensor) and some are around both.

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4.7L "03 Patriot Blue Durango SLTK&N FIPKMagnaflow Muffler w/ stock tubingYouTube Channel: pets Rock’s Garage and p0456 room unrelated. I’d earlier probe it an initial before replacing any kind of parts. P0344 is an intermittent error in the electronic came sensor signal. This could be a negative sensor but also just as likely a bad wire or connection in the circuit. For this reason throwing parts at a trouble is generally a waste of time & money.First make sure the battery is totally charged. Strange things occur with a weak battery. If it is not in between 12.4 & 12.8 volts climate it needs to it is in recharged.I recently had this exact same trouble code on my ride and did ago probe the connector first. For me it was a frayed signal wire bring about the signal to intermittently cut in & out. Cut out the poor wire and soldered in some brand-new wire with some heat shrink tubing. Van runs an excellent and expense me nothing however 20 minute of my time.To fully diagnose a Hall effect sensor prefer the video camer or Crank sensor you need an oscilloscope, but a volt/multi-meter will get you most of the method there. The sensor is pretty straightforward to obtain to (front passenger side of the motor, listed below the valve sheathe on the head). On my ride the purple wire is the 5 volt recommendation wire, the middle wire is ground and the staying wire is the signal wire.With key on, engine off, unplug the sensor and also check the voltage on the purple wire at the wiring exploit connector. It will certainly be somewhere about 5 volts. Create this value down and also call that “5 volt reference”. Reconnect the plug and ago probe the purple wire. Girlfriend should acquire within 0.2 volts of the 5 volt reference reading. If you acquire less then the you have extreme resistance on the signal wire which is bring about your problem. Ago probe the center (ground) wire. You must get in between 0.0001 & 0.2 volts. Any more then that and you have excessive resistance on the ground wire. Backprobe the continuing to be wire. The voltage reading can vary depending on the position of the electronic came (either between 0.0001 & 5 volts). And also this is as far as the multi-meter have the right to take you. It can not accurately check the signal wire due to the signal wire creating a wave kind signal as soon as the engine is running. Friend could shot continuity test between the signal wire and also the corresponding pin in the PCM, and wiggle the signal cable to watch if the continuity fall out. However a continuity check will produce a false confident for a frayed/damaged wire. For fun, you might start the van while the signal cable is back-probed. You’ll view the voltage jump everywhere the place.Excessive resistance have the right to be a loose/corroded link or damaged/frayed/partially broken wire.Hope the helps... Great luck...
4.7L "03 Patriot Blue Durango SLTK&N FIPKMagnaflow Muffler w/ share tubingYouTube Channel: pet Rock’s Garage