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Just wondering whereby the ar of the punch sensor is? On countless previous cars us would usage a nylon spacer to do the sensor no so sensitive - seeing if this automobile has a similar setup.
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Ahhh..blown, stroked and also injected!

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Our cars have actually two knocks sensors, both are located on the center section that the engine block. They have actually aluminum warmth shields top top them due to their proximity come the exhaust manifolds. You have the right to pop the warmth shields off through you hand, undue the single bolt and put the nylon/rubber washers in aprox 5 mins per side. I put rubber washers made from a cut heater hose....didn"t seem to make a large difference in the knock sensor readings though.Good luck.Chris
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It"s true that they are very sensitive, yet our pistons are not really forgiving . Uneven you upgrade to aftermarket pistons, I"d think twice.
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