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I don"t recognize if this has already been posted, however I shooting a snapshot of the belt routing for my own reference tonight. I can"t uncover a routing schematic everywhere on the auto or in the owner"s manual.
because I only do it about once a year, every time i take the off, it takes me 20 minutes to number out the routing.

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You must have been analysis my mind, I have been transporting a preventive belt simply in case and have been an interpretation to attract a snapshot now ns will simply print it
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There is a snapshot of it in the service manual and how to route it, the is what I provided this weekend as soon as I put my UD pulley-block on. I can"t article it from my phone, if someone doesn"t win me come it I"ll post it as soon as I get home.
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i just remember... It goes OUTSIDE every one of the pulleys other than the 2 that dont drive goes inside the two tensioners.if that renders sense,and fwiw, metgo is correct, over there is a routing diagram in either the parts hand-operated or service manual, i cant psychic which
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