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Hey guys. I am brand-new to the site very first post. Anyway I have a 04 trailblazer and I shows a code that say warmth elment #2 O2 sensor. What I require to know is what sensor is considered the #2. Many thanks for the help.

I would certainly say the the #2 sensor would certainly be the one in back of the catalytic converter or the "downstream" sensor. The "upstream" sensor would be the one in the exhaust manifold closest come the engine.

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BTW, WELCOME to! you are one of the few newbies I"ve ever seen that already have their user profile filled out. Typically we have to tell the newbies to execute it!:woot::woohoo:


slugghish performance
Hi, i was make the efforts to finish the profile but here goes. 2005 silver- TBext v6. Ns just had actually the transmission changed in 10/08 the sluggish and also i have poor to no acceleration capabilities. Ns am right now at 85,500 miles. What am I no doing or doing wrong. Considering SEA FOAM addidtive as i had actually the fuel mechanism replaced in "06 and also an oxygen sensor change. I would likewise like to understand if a song Up is recipient now. HELP!!!!!! through the means I LOOOOOVE mine TRAILBLAZER.:

Welcome, numerous info. Here. V your TB being sluggish and also #2 O2 sensor code you can have a plugged cat. If that is the instance make sure you gain a new OBDII comp. Cat. Magnaflow has actually one that will certainly not throw a code.
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So I have actually 2003 gmc envoy 4.2 and also my financial institution 1 sensor 1 o2 sensor came on replaced it reset my password drove 25 miles same code came ago on took it out got replaced with Another brand-new one exact same thing same code came back on I"m shed on what would cause this to store happening if it"s not the o2 sensor what other thing could trigger that code to store pulling increase if it"s acquiring power and everything looks good to that ?