around three weeks earlier I to buy a 2007 Chevy Equinox. Whatever was working correctly and a few days ago, mine engine coolant temp gauge started acting up. Once I rotate on my car that needle and also the gas gauge needle bounce up and down then clear up on the spot where they are. However the needle for the engine coolant temp gauge somehow managed to relocate backwards and also is always in the upward place (too hot). Even if my car has been off for hrs or over night. What could be the problem!

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Hello, I wounder if the cooenct termatorye sensor is shorted out right here is a overview to help walk you through the repair through diagrams listed below to display you the location. the end the diagrams (Below). Please let us understand what friend find. We room interested to view what it is.


If the needle is sticking, also with the vital off, it may be a issue with the instrument dashboard cluster. The best means to recognize if the cluster is at fault is to have a gauge sweep test performed, that needs the usage of a scan tool that will interrogate the cluster and perform special function overrides.Here is a video of the cluster obtaining replaced through a rebuilt unit ~ above a similar car. Https://

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I have actually a 2007 Equinox. The temperature gauge sometimes works however most of the time it shows hot or off the scale even at start up in the morning. I replaced the coolant temperature sensor and no change. No troubles with overheating though. Ns figured it have to be the instrument cluster panel and also I d live through it and also have been because that the critical 6 months. This morning, after I started the car, I had no strength to the entire AC manage section under the radio section. After work-related I began it and now I have AC manage power and all is good (except the wacked the end temperature gauge). After reading around this, i am thinking I can have a bad BCM. Maybe these room unrelated. A blown fuse couldn t reason the self-fixing AC manage issue, however a bad BCM could reason both problems. Thinking about replacing BCM yet would prefer to carry out a little troubleshooting very first with some expert advice. Please offer any assist here if you have actually experienced this or know about this. Any aid would be greatly appreciated.