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I have actually a 2006 BMW 325i and also the aux input (No USB) appears to be giving me every kinds the problems. I have tried several various aux cable and also have had various results from No Sound at all to muffled sound and sound on one side. I was curious if any type of one rather has had actually this issue and if there is a solution. I"ve considered getting a brand-new aux entry box? as well as possibly just saying screw it and getting a Bluetooth FM transmitter and also by pass the totality problem. If any kind of one has any suggestions it would certainly be greatly appreciated. Give thanks to You!
The aux input boxes can obtain damaged if something too tall is plugged in and also the arm remainder is closed. The wires plug right into a 3 wire connector behind the cover end the rear ac vents. You have the right to disconnect and also test there. The cheapest resolve is simply to change the entire circuit all the method to the back of the radio with something choose this. over link will call for you to remove your radio, unplug the existing aux plug and also replace it through that one.
The aux line much more often comes from the TCU or Mulf no radio or idrive.
The aux line much more often comes from the TCU or Mulf no radio or idrive.
06 E90 never came with a Mulf. I just included Mulf2 hello to my 06 utilizing the TCU wiring and had to add the missing Aux pins. 06s room odd.
How go the mulf 2 hello upgrade go . Did you encounter any kind of programming problems?Did girlfriend buy or do the aux/usb cable?Did you eliminate the FZD if you had actually one?Code out the SOS in the Kombi?How much extra cabling was needed?I recognize you have to readjust the prod day to get the software to fill as the mulf is not an alternative in 06.
How did the mulf 2 hi upgrade walk . Did you encounter any type of programming problems?Did you buy or make the aux/usb cable?Did you remove the FZD if you had one?Code out the SOS in the Kombi?How lot extra cabling to be needed?I know you have to adjust the prod date to get the software application to pack as that is mulf is not an alternative in 06.
My 06 radio native 3/05 build was also old to take software necessary for MULF. So ns purchased a radio indigenous a 2011. Ns bought the OEM usb/aux jack because that the arm rest. Climate I provided the 3 meter ebay usb cable add to ran one aux wire from the arm rest to the mulf. I did not have actually SOS. FZD is sunroof right?Most of the coding details is in this thread. Http://
FZD is the buttons top top the sunroof.(associated with SOS)Its possible to regimen the mulf 2 hello if you can trick the software program intothinking that a newer car, and do the mulf 2 hi even with and old radio. Ns think the radio through USB is much better solution , it s okay you HD radio to, but you need to trick and older vehicle into acquisition the software program for that one come is my understanding.

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