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O.K. Brand-new here. I have actually an "02 Altima 2.5 automatic. I have been told by two mechanics the my ECM (Engine Computer)is bad. I desire to get one in ~ a salvage garden to conserve a bunch the cash, so I require to recognize where that is. I was told at a rescue yard the it"s under the center console. Ns assume this is under the stereo and also in front of the shifter? Is this correct? If not, please let me know. Also, if anyone would have actually a pic or two of it and it"s location, that would certainly be great!Thanks!!
steering column
under steering obelisk sp? it need to b under there need to snap off. Pair clips holding it in place. Not the most roomy location to work-related at. Friend also try the search switch im pretty sure its about here top top the forum somewhere. B4 the Veterans below chime in n fire u. So good look and hopefully that fixes ur prob :woot:
The ECU is situated behind the gloves box. Your going to have to drop the gloves box and you will see it come the right of the blower motor. There space 6 or 7 screws that host the gloves box in place and then you have to pull on the a little bit to release the clips. What specifically is the trouble your having actually that makes mechanics to speak you need to replace your ECU? Those don"t usually go bad, unless it it s okay fried through an electric malfunction.
^ Correct. You"ll also need come reprogram the new one for her ignition come work, must you replace it.
Thanks a bunch guys!Now if ns get one more ECU, can a "regular" mechanics shop re-program it, or carry out I must take it to Nissan to perform that? Is this re-programing simply for the ECU to identify my key, or other else?

They"ll likewise have to regimen in her vin #, in instance you have to have smog cert. Likewise you require to get one native a automobile with the same trans and also accessories together your car. Most whatever on these cars goes through the ecu.
Thanks a bunch guys!Now if ns get an additional ECU, have the right to a "regular" mechanics shop re-program it, or execute I should take it come Nissan to perform that? Is this re-programing just for the ECU to acknowledge my key, or other else?
Nope. It needs a top II scan tool and a registered version of Nissan ASIST electronic company manual. Two points that just the dealer has.

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