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I have actually a mazda 6 2007 and I have to replace a output tower speed sensor and im not sure the location? ns did change one that was located under the battery terminal yet I"m afraid the was in reality the entry one? deserve to I gain some help?
Don"t worry anyone I found it, thought this is a forum to assist people? fine anyways because that anyone that demands to know. In have actually a Mazda 6 2007 that ns was gaining a at light and also hard shifting, it was a bad output speed sensor i beg your pardon is located in the earlier by the manifold. The one under the battery is the input i beg your pardon is an identical part. For this reason don"t gain that confused. Simply make certain your all set to swap in and out since you will shed transmission fluid
I have actually the very same problem...AT irradiate on..yesterday i adjusted the sensor straight under the battery...figured that was the problem...must be one more sensor because the in ~ light come on again this was it the exact same component u adjusted but located on ago of manifold?..what is the part # you the method I see another sensor reduced in engine i m sorry doesn"t require battery removed.. Is the a various size sensor due to the fact that it looks various without even pulling the out..thanks
I was wondering if anyone can aid me, i have actually a mazda 6 2007 model. I have actually a problem with the AT light coming on and also it slipping negative when an altering from fourth to 5th. Have the right to anyone assist me come tell me wherr I discover the output shaft sensor?
I to be wondering if anyone can aid me, i have a mazda 6 2007 model. I have actually a trouble with the AT irradiate coming on and it slipping bad when an altering from 4th to 5th. Have the right to anyone help me come tell me whereby I discover the output pillar sensor?
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