This tech article was originally posted at FordF150.net. It is primarily intended for 2004-2006 Ford trucks but most likely also applies to other Ford vehicles.

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TheBelt MinderTM is the electronic warning system to remind you to use your safetybelt system. It"s a combination of a sounding chime and the illuminating warninglight on your instrument panel. The Belt Minder is active from the time thetruck leaves the factory. Whenactive, if the driver"s safety belt is not buckled in about 5 seconds from thetime the warning light has turned off, the warning light will again illuminateand the alarm chime will sound for 6 seconds, repeating itself every 30 secondsfor the next 5 minutes, or until you buckle your seat belt. This procedureapplies to most newer vehicles equipped with BeltMinder, not just Ford trucks.

Important Notes:

Follow these instructions at your own risk!Not wearing your seatbelt may be illegal in your area. Always be sure you"reaware of your local laws, and wearing your seatbelt!


You must be sitting in the seat for this procedure. Make sure the parking brake is set and turn the ignition switch tothe RUN position. (Do not start the engine.)

Wait until the safety belt warning lamp turns off (approximately 1minute)NOTE: Step 3 must be completed within 50 seconds after the safety beltwarning lamp turns off or the procedure must be repeated.

For the seating position being disabled, buckle then unbuckle the safety belt9 times, ending with the safety belt unbuckled.

NOTE: After Step 3, the restraint system warning indicator lamp turns on for3 seconds.

Within 10 seconds of the safety belt warning indicator turning on, bucklethen unbuckle the safety belt.

The beltminder activation or deactivation is confirmed by the following sequences:

If the beltminder is enabled, this procedure will disable the beltminder forthat specific seating position. The safety belt warning indicator lamp willflash 4 times per second for 3 seconds to confirm that the deactivation procedurewas successful.

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If the beltminder is disabled, this procedure will enable the beltminder forthe specific seating postion. The safety belt warning indicator lamp will flash4 times per second for 3 seconds followed by a second series of 4 flashes persecond for 3 seconds to confirm that the activation procedure was successful.