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I believe you space referring to the canister purge regulate solenoid i beg your pardon is under the hoodThe part number is 4669569

as because that the rest of the emission pieces, it to be evolving, and this is what the 4th gen used2001-2002 - LDP device (leak detection pump)2003-2007 -NVLD (natural vacuum leak detector)2007 and up usage an E.S.I.M. System (2007-current)
Evap purge solenoid 2007 t&c
From your picture I to be assuming we are looking in ~ the driver side firewallIf this true mine battery is there and also nothing in the photo looks favor mineMike

2009 Dodge grand Caravan SXT (3.8) 230,000+ miles2001 Dodge cool Caravan sports (3.3) 250,000+ mile --- RIP (R
usted Into Pieces)2003 Dodge cool Caravan eL (3.8) 200,000+ milesPrevious Chrysler Vehicles: 1995 dodge Caravan (3.0), 1993 evade Caravan (3.0), 1986 Chrysler Lebaron GTS (2.2), 1963 Plymouth Valiant (170ci)

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