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Engine Specs infection Exterior dimensions inner Dimensions Suspension Steering Specs

Dimensions and also capacities space in inches uneven otherwise specified.


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2,000 lbs. (900 kg) — std.; 3,800 lbs. (1724 kg) — through optional Trailer ready Group
2,000 lbs. (900 kg)—std.; AWD: 3,500 lbs. (1588 kg); FWD: 3,800 lbs. (1724 kg)—with optional Trailer Tow ready Group
Alternator 140-amp — std
160-amp — consisted of with behind air conditioning, fog lamps, heated seats and/or Trailer Tow group
Battery 600 CCA — std. V 2.4L and 3.8L engines, consisted of with Trailer Tow group
500 CCA — std. With 3.3L engine
Dimensions and Capacities (a)

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Front ISO struts v integral gas-charged shock absorbers, coil springs, asymmetrical lower regulate arms, link-type stabilizer bar, urethane jounce bumpers, rubber-isolated cast-aluminum crossmember—std
Rear Rubber-isolated longitudinal single-leaf springs, tubular beam axle, track bar and gas-charged shock absorbers—std.
Revised feather rates and also load-leveling shock absorbers—opt. SE, SXT and also ES
stiffer springs, higher control shock—Trailer Towing team only
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