Chrysler 300 / 300C (2005-2010)Dodge Charger (2006-2010)Dodge Magnum (2005-2008)




Checking and Replacing Fuses

The wiring circuits in the automobile are protected from brief circuits by fuses. This greatly reduces the chance of damage caused by electric problems.

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To examine a fuse, look at the silver-colored tape inside the fuse. If the band is damaged or melted, replace the fuse. Be sure to replace a bad fuse v a new one that the identical size and rating.

Fuses of the very same amperage deserve to be temporarily borrowed from one more fuse ar if a fuse goes out. Change the fuse as soon as possible.


Before replacing a fuse inspect that the an essential has been eliminated from the ignition and that all the solutions are switched turn off and/or disengaged.Do no repair fuses and never replace a puffy fuse with one that has actually a higher amp rating. This can cause damage come the electrical system and also fire.If a fuse blows again contact a qualified business center.When installing the power Distribution facility cover, the is important to for sure the sheathe is properly positioned and totally latched. Fail to execute so may permit water to acquire into the Power circulation Center, and also possibly result in an electric system failure.When replacing a swollen fuse, the is important to use only a fuse having actually the exactly amperage rating. The usage of a fuse through a rating other than shown may result in a dangerous electric system overload. If a effectively rated fuse proceeds to blow, it suggests a trouble in the circuit that should be corrected.

Engine Compartment Fuse box Diagram

A front power distribution center is located in the engine compartment.



№AProtected Component
120HID: Left High soot Discharge Lamp
220HID: Right High intensity Discharge Lamp
315Adjustable Pedals Relay (except Memory)
420Horn Relay, Front manage Module, wait Conditioner Compressor Clutch (Gasoline)
520HID: Headlamp Washer Relay
20Cluster (2005)
20Police: Underhood Lamp
615Front manage Module
720Front Fog Lamp, Front control Module
815Park desk lamp Relay (Front Park/Turn Lamp, Front/Rear next Marker Lamp, license Lamp, Tail/Stop desk lamp or Tail/Stop/Park Lamp), Front control Module
915Front regulate Module
105Powertrain manage Module, Starter Relay, Engine regulate Module (Diesel)
1115SRT8: Powertrain control Module
20execept SRT8: Powertrain control Module
12- -
13- -
1420SRT8: Powertrain regulate Module
25execept SRT8: Powertrain manage Module
202005: Powertrain manage Module
25Diesel: Engine regulate Module, PTC Relay No.1, PTC Relay No.2, PTC Relay No.3
1525Gasoline (execept SRT8): Fuel Injector, Ignition Coil, Ignition Capacitor, short Runner Valve Solenoid (3.5L)
202005: Fuel Injector, Ignition Coil, Ignition Capacitor
20SRT8: Fuel Injector, Ignition Coil, Ignition Capacitor
25Diesel: Engine control Module, bright Plug Module, Oxygen Sensor, input Swirl Servo Motor, Crankcase Vent Heater, EGR Valve, rise Pressure Servo Motor, wait Conditioner Compressor Clutch, Fuel Pump Relay,
1615Diesel: Engine regulate Module
202005: Powertrain manage Module
1830Wiper On/Off Relay
1950Radiator pan (High) Relay, Radiator Fan regulate (High/Low) Relay, Front regulate Module
2020Starter Relay
2240Radiator Fan manage Relay, wait Conditioner Compressor Clutch
2350HID: High intensity Discharge lamp Relay (Fuse (Engine Compartment): "1", "2")
2460AWD/SRT/Diesel: Fan Radiator
2530Front control Module
2620RLE: Transmission control Relay
20Diesel: Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch Relay
2730Front control Module
R2Gasoline: Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch
R3Radiator Fan regulate (High/Low)
R4Radiator fan (High)
R5Wiper On/Off
R6RLE: Transmission Control
R7Radiator pan Control
R8Wiper High/Low
R10Adjustable Pedals (except Memory)
R11Park Lamp
R12Front Fog Lamp
R13Auto shut Down
R14High intensity Discharge Relay
R15 -

Relay box (Diesel)


№AProtected Component
150PTC No.1 Relay
250PTC No.2 Relay
350PTC No.3 Relay
R1PTC No.3
R2PTC No.2
R3PTC No.1

Luggage Compartment Fuse box Diagram

The rear power distribution center is situated in the behind compartment under the spare tire access panel.



№AProtected Component
160Fuse (Luggage Compartment): "14", "36", "38", "44"
240Engine Compartment Fuse box (Fusible attach 14)
320Police: Dome Lamp
440Engine Compartment Fuse box (Fusible attach 14)
530execept SRT8: Heated seat Module, Zener Diode, Fuse (Luggage Compartment): "30"
40SRT8: Heated seat Module, Zener Diode, Fuse (Luggage Compartment): "30"
620Fuel Pump Relay
720SRT8: Subwoofer Amplifier
15Police: Spot desk lamp (Right)
815Data connect Connector, Occupant classification System (LHD), Ignition move (Engine control Module (Diesel), Powertrain manage Module, Lock Steering shaft Module (RHD), Fuel Pump Relay (Gasoline), Fuse (Luggage Compartment): "27", "29", "40", Diode No.1)
920Power Outlet - Console
1010Export: Rear Fog desk lamp Relay
15Police: Spot lamp (Left)
1410A/C / Heater Control, Sentry an essential Remote entry Module (LHD), Cluster, Intrusion Transceiver Module (RHD)
1520Brake Module (Trailer Tow)
1620Magnum (300C Touring): Rear strength Outlet
1720Cluster, Lock Steering pillar Module (RHD), Sentry vital Remote entry Module (RHD)
1820Cigar Lighter
1910Stop desk lamp Switch, stop Lamp Inhibit Relay (except MK25E)
2020Magnum (300C Touring): Rear Wiper Relay
2710Occupant category System, Occupant Restraint Controller Module
2810execept SRT8: Occupant Restraint Controller Module
5SRT8: Occupant Restraint Controller Module
295Stop lamp Switch, Cluster, Sentry crucial Remote entry Module, mass Air flow Sensor (Diesel), ABS, Front control Module, Powertrain manage Module (Gasoline), Engine regulate Module (Diesel)
3010Driver/Passenger Door Module, winter Switch, Steering regulate Module, Police/Taxi user interface Module
355Mirror move (except Memory), Passenger refer Window/Door Lock move (except Base), Backlite Antenna Amplifier, Headlamp Flasher (Police), Police Relay No.1, Police Relay No.2, Police Relay No.3, electronic Overhead Module (Export), Rain Sensor (Export)
3620Radio, Hands-Free Module, Satellite Receiver, Monitor/DVD Media System, Traffic details Receiver Module (Export)
3715NAG1: Transmission regulate Module
385Cargo lamp (except Magnum), Analog Clock Module, digital Overhead Module, Siren (RHD)
3910Heated Mirror
405execept SRT8: Left/Right Heated seat Switch, A/C Heater Control, within Rearview Mirror
10SRT8: Left/Right Heated seat Switch, A/C Heater Control, within Rearview Mirror
5Police: Bank Switch
4110A/C Heater Control, Tire push Monitor, Left/Right Headlamp Level Sensor (Export), Parl aid Module, Headlamp Leveling Module (Export), Left/Right High strongness Discharge desk lamp (Export)
4230Front Blower motor (MTC), front Blower Module (ATC)
4330Rear home window Defogger
4420Front regulate Module, Sunroof Motor/Module, Radio Amplifier
Circuit Breaker
CB125Driver Seat move (except Memory), storage Seat Module, swarm (except Power/Memory Seat)
CB225Passenger chair Switch
CB325execept SRT8:Driver/Passenger Window/Door Lock switch (Base), Driver/Passenger Door Module (except Base), Driver refer Window/Door Lock switch (except Base)
30SRT8:Driver/Passenger Window/Door Lock move (Base), Driver/Passenger Door Module (except Base), Driver refer Window/Door Lock move (except Base)
D1NAG1: Transmission control Relay
D2Front control Module
R2Rear home window Defogger
R3Accessory Delay
R4NAG1: Transmission Control
R5Export: Rear Fog Lamp
R6Magnum (300C Touring): Rear Wiper
R7 -
R8Stop lamp Inhibit (except MK25E)
R9Fuel Pump
R10 -

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