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Brand brand-new member so hello to everyone... First time likewise Chrysler owner that a 300C and it"s a great car! ns am feather under the hood for the RKE Battery. Trunk lid was opened with irradiate on for over a week and the vehicle was dead. I jumped the car and also it operation well however the RKE Battery warning is on and won"t go off? Looked with manual, no help; googled trouble still no help; that"s why ns joined up to the site. Have the right to anyone help?

RKE Battery?I"m not certain what you"re talk about.Where do you see this warning? any type of code numbers connected with it? try pulling fuse #11 and also re installing it after a minute. That might clear the error.Just to make sure: You discovered the major battery is in the trunk, right?

RKE battery...hmmm...Like JMATT said, pull fuse 11, wait a minute, plug it earlier in. Fuse 11 is in the power facility under the hood ~ above the passenger side.

Welcome come the forum prosoil! Be certain to present yourself in the Newbie section of the site. We"de all prefer to gain to know around you and also your ride. This is the section to execute that in: . Enjoy


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Yes, it"s the key fob battery. I did find the battery in the trunk. The warning is top top the dash where you have the right to program personal settings indigenous the steering wheel. I will shot pulling the #11 fuse though and also get ago to you.

Thanks Moddog. Never hear that a RKE battery or the warning before.Perhaps a simple change of the battery in the key FOB is in order?
the key fob is her key!!! the battery is situated inside the casingif the is in truth your crucial battery, i will not ~ it not open or lock the doors if the battery to be dead?try using your other spare watch if that is the key fob would certainly be highly unlikely the both an essential batteries were dead.........also, looking ago over your first execute you know it is the RKE warning?
easy......."its in her pocket"..........j/kI obtain why friend were confused though prosoil.......Im assuming you assumed that there"s a battery situated in the vehicle somewhere to get the an essential signal.......right?have friend tried the spare key yet.........I to be researching this on one more forum because that you and some world said there to be a trouble with the car not recognizing the spare vital and having actually to go back to the dealer and also get that programmed..........try the other vital and see............
i get this warning too, however only once i use my remote begin to begin the car, then it goes far on its own.
After lot research online I discovered an old thread posted on this website native google. I popped open the an essential fob and there that was, a broken solder share on among the battery holder clips. It worked just sufficient to open up the door however the computer system noticed the battery was low when inserted into the ignition. Thanks everyone for her time!!!
For those of friend that want to have actually the battery in hand. Lock are deserve to be bought most anywhere...CR 2032 - 3V
Check the batter in the remote Keyless entrance (Key)The clip that holds the battery in mine is broken off, have to solder it earlier in, should work. But yours might just need the battery changed out. Panasonic CR 2032 - 2-3 bucks in ~ Wally World.RKE Battery does display on the dash if over there is a trouble with it.
I have a 2005 300 minimal and I replaced the batteries in both that my key fobs about 8 month ago. One of the tricks failed again in November and the spare is around to go. Ns was top top the means out the door to purchase two new batteries once I Googled mine RKE issue and found this forum. The dealer has told me there are no TSBs on the fob and maybe i bought old batteries; however, its quite clear over there is something going on with the design and durability that the vital fob. Luckily, the lease is up in June and I"ll acquire a brand-new one with the worry resolved. I
i gain "system warning rke battery" as soon as i hit menu.. I acquire "rke battery low" i readjusted the battery in the far starter, this only happens once i usage the far starter once the vehicle is reduced of and also restarted the warning walk away...

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You might try taking the crucial apart, and check come make certain that the connectors ~ above the battery holder space soldered good. Those are well-known for being testy and also weak.
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