Gasoline for the huge 3.8L engine on your Chevy Impala is fed by a fuel pump situated inside the fuel tank as component of the fuel sending out unit assembly. You can accessibility the assembly v the tribe of the auto without the must drop the tank. V all the important tools and also replacement parts on hand, you may readjust the fuel pump in her Impala in a pair of hours.

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Removing the Fuel Pump

Park your Impala on level ground in a well-ventilated area and open the hood.

Remove the sight shield native the optimal of the engine making use of a ratchet and also socket, if equipped.

Loosen the fuel tank filler cap and also disconnect the soil (black) battery cable through a wrench.

Locate the Schrader valve at the start of the fuel feeding pipe top top the fuel rail. This is the rail that feeds the fuel injectors. The valve is comparable to the air valve on her Chevy tires.

Wrap a shop rag approximately the Schrader valve and also depress the inside stem through a flat-head screwdriver. Use the rag to capture the fuel that will come the end of the valve. After ~ that, replace the sight shield come the height of the engine.

Take the spare tire and other items indigenous the tribe of your Impala.

Remove the carpet from the trunk.

Unfasten the nuts from the fuel sender/pump access panel top top the floor that the trunk and remove the access panel. Use a ratchet and also socket.

Unplug the fuel tank pressure sensor and fuel sender native the assembly v the accessibility hole.

Disconnect the hoses native the fuel sender/pump assembly. Top top hoses through plastic connectors, push the tabs and also pull the water tap from the fitting. On hoses with metal connectors, usage tool collection J 37088-A.

Rotate and also unlock the retaining ring stop the fuel sender/pump assembly to the fuel tank utilizing a drift punch and also a hammer.

Lift the retaining ring and fuel sender/pump assembly the end of the fuel tank. Find the huge O-ring seal in between the fuel tank and also the assembly and discard the O-ring.

Remove the fuel pump indigenous the assembly using a pair of needle-nose pliers and a flat-head screwdriver.

Installing the brand-new Fuel Pump

Mount the brand-new fuel pump top top the assembly utilizing the pair that needle-nose pliers and flat-head screwdriver. Swing the float eight on the assembly and also make certain the pump strainer is no in the arm’s way. Readjust it, if necessary.

Place a brand-new assembly O-ring seal.

Insert the fuel sender/pump assembly into the fuel tank and verify that the pump strainer is no twisted. Then rotate the retaining ring v the drift punch and also hammer to lock the assembly to the fuel tank.

Connect the hoses come the fuel sender/pump assembly by advertise the water tap connectors versus their fittings.

Plug the fuel tank pressure sensor and fuel sender come the assembly.

Tighten the fuel tank filler cap and also connect the ground (black) battery cable utilizing the wrench.

Turn the ignition come the “On” position for 2 seconds and also then to the turn off for 10 seconds. Turn the ignition ago to the “On” position and check because that gas leaks about the tank.

Turn turn off the ignition.

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Position the accessibility panel in place and also tighten the mounting nuts making use of the ratchet and socket.