A usual complaint amongst Toyota Sienna owner is the their Sienna next door won’t open or close. If you’re enduring a stuck Sienna next door, you concerned the ideal place.

This overview covers all the details you should navigate this issue like a pro.

The Most typical Reasons because that Sienna next Door Problems


once your Sienna next door sticks open up or close, you’re more than likely asking, “Why the hell is this happening?”

We have the right to think the a couple of common reasons:

1. Latch Motor fail

occasionally the next door will struggle to open once you press the switch to immediately open it. Oftentimes, it will make a noise while the attempts to open yet then falls short to perform so. The only method you can gain the door open up is to pull the handle and also then host it for 2 or 3 seconds.

This happens when the latch engine fails, i beg your pardon is fairly common in Toyota Siennas. Luckily, replacing simply the latch engine is simple and inexpensive solution.

2. Frayed Cable

The cable in the next door is at risk to fraying and also then breaking. At first, the door won"t work-related properly. Then, it stops working at all.

In this situation, the best thing to do is to replace the cable.

3. Circuit Overload

once your Sienna side door won’t close, one possibility is a circuit overload. This happens once the strength sliding door no able to latch on properly (due to something prevent it). The electrical motor’s circuit will end up being overloaded and this will trip the fuse and also prevent the door from being closed entirely.

This is an problem you want to diagnose very first because it’s rather easy to carry out so. Just inspect the upper and also lower tracks to see if they are obstructed.

The Best way To settle This difficulty


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The first thing you want to execute is come diagnose the issue. Next, you can replace just the fail component. This need to fix the issue. There are tutorials on replacing side door latches, latch motors, cables, and other Sienna side door materials all end the web. In fact, this is a great tutorial on replacing the cable ~ above 2011 and also newer Sienna models.

instead of the component you yourself is a lot cheaper solution than having a Toyota dealership carry out it for you.

finding OEM Replacement usmam.org

If you value quality and also reliability, obtain an OEM instead of part. One aftermarket next door latch, latch motor, cable, or one more side door component will just cause much more problems early to bad quality, fitment issues, and also more.

On our website, we offer wholesale prices for genuine OEM Toyota usmam.org, consisting of all next door components.

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Look at up her Sienna model to find the OEM replacement part(s) you need.