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4th Gen Toyota 4Runner Transmission fluid Service

My 2003 Toyota 4Runner is a V6 SR5 4×4 that has a non-sealed infection unit. This system has actually a transmission fluid dipstick, uneven the later years’ 4Runners that have a sealed transmission with no dipstick. The complying with procedure outlines a flush and also fill of the transmission liquid for my car:

First, eliminate the 14mm drain plug and also let all the transmission liquid from the pan drainpipe out. After every little thing had drained out, ns replaced and tightened the drain plug.

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Finally, refill the transmission with 4-5 quarts of infection fluid. Revolve on the car and let the run till it is warmed up. Climate then fill slowly meanwhile checking the dipstick level to acquire it come the appropriate level. Climate you’re all done!

These two links outline both non-sealed and sealed transmissions and also are that utmost value when performing this transmission organization on her vehicle:



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Thanks a many for her dedication around sharing her experience. So at the end, how countless quarts are needed to flush fully the tranny’s fluid? I have actually been excellent a rebuild of the same transmission and also I have 2 gallons of kind IV Toyota fluid. I hope could be enough. Have actually a good one! and also thanks again. Antony.

Signed up simply to do this comment, and your 4runner may be plumbed differently, yet your photograph of the return heat was certainly the FEED line on mine. I acquired a pretty great hose down from the disconnected hose of some rancid old ATF. For anyone reading this, the return heat is the reduced metal pipe through the much less sharp the a bend.

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