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I need to readjust the fuel filter, nothing running poor at all however I assumed after 80,000 mile it would not be a negative idea, does anybody understand where it is located?
Deepwater Blue, off Road, big Tow Crew Cab, Homemade Airbox, double Magnaflow Exhaust, pen Stripping, airaid accelerator body spacer, prerunners level kit
damn you have actually 80,000 miles already, how has actually the truck to be to you? do you drive mainly city or hwy, just how does the truck still journey after every this time, everything still to run well, ns sorry ns dont recognize where the fuel filter is

2004 CC Titan SE 4x4 Deep Water, Offroad Pkg, big Tow Pkg, Rockford Fosgate-Captain, Gibson single Swept next Exhaust, Volant CAI, Kumho Road undertaking AT KL-78 Tires, American gyeongju Python polished Wheels, Silverstar Headlamp Bulbs, Street step Aluminum speed Grill, Extang RT Bed cover "Lead Me, follow Me, or acquire Out of mine Way."
80,000 mi and runs like new that is an excellent news. How long execute you intend to keep your titan for? only reason i ask is ns hav"nt heard the anyone with anything close to the for miles and also it would be great to hear some lengthy term storys. Well good luck and keep united state updated if friend can.

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