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Ive had problems with the company engine light on this automobile since new. Currently the dealer speak me the the swirl control valve. He additional states the valve is located in the lower intake manifold and I need to replace the totality lower intake. 800 bucks!! is this true is there any other alternative?
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2004 spec-V I,camsprocket,flywheel, vain Clutch, BSR, H, midpipe, porting TB, WRP TBS, ported n Ceramic Coated IM, wrp pulley. Running very close to 14.0 1/4 mile
Swirl manage ValveFrom the FSM:---------------------------------DTC P1132 SWIRL manage VALVE PFP:00000Component summary UBS000O1Swirl control valve is composed of actuator and valve. The valve isinstalled in the input manifold, and also the actuator is associated to therear end of the valve shaft.The swirl control valve offers a action motor i beg your pardon has four windingphases. It operates follow to the calculation pulse signal the the ECM.Two windings are turned ON and OFF in sequence. Each time anON pulse is issued, the valve opens or closes. As soon as no readjust inthe manage position is needed, the ECM go not issue the pulse signal.A certain voltage signal is approve so the the valve remains atthat details opening.---------------------------In the above description it claims it is a separate piece from the intake manifold. So perform you require a new Intake Manifold? i don"t know, i don"t think so. However I think they desire to replace it because they are obtaining in there to take it apart the Manifold anyways. I would ask them to examine the Manifold and also show girlfriend it requirements to it is in replaced quite than change a perfectly an excellent part just to fee you extra. The labor is not also intensive yet they could need come disconnect a the majority of things. Also, if you have a SES irradiate then maybe you should gain it read in other places just come make sure that is the problem. You can take it come an Autozone or equivalent and also they deserve to scan and print the end the codes because that free! just my opinion

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