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My code is P0138 Sensor financial institution 1 sensor 22003 Hyundai santé fe lx/glsv62.7 litreI know it is after the catalytic converter but not sure what next its on? also if i was told chauffeurs side or passenger side. That would be good help. Also if there are any kind of tips i should recognize that would be an excellent too!Also if anyone to know the part number and what I would certainly tell the sales male to help him uncover it... Periodically they begin talking and will get mixed up in between rear or i beg your pardon side. I know there are 3 different types of o2 sensors because that this vehicleThanks everyone!Adam
from my handy chiltons manual, financial institution 1 must be versus the firewall as the former of the engine encounters the passenger side. There are 2 O2 sensors per side. 1 ~ above outlet of every exhaust manifold and then 1 downstream of each catalytic convertor. P0138 states O2 sensor circuit high voltage bank 1 sensor 2. Acquire it increase on ramps and follow pipes come find. Hopefully it will certainly be a basic swap and not a pita to gain to. Good luck

attached is the pic of the sensor. Once ordering what would certainly this it is in called? I normally order native www.rockauto.comagain. Any aid would be great! Is it the downstream best or the downsteam left?ThanksAdam
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