Hi, I attached a snapshot of the shooting order and also cylinder locations. Permit me know if the is what you required or if you have actually other questions.Take care, Joe

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mine 2002 hyundai sante fe has actually a skip. Put new plugs in it and timing belt but still skips. Slim smoke indigenous exhaust. Just how are the engine cylinders numbered?

Hey Keesha33, below is the firing stimulate for your v6 Hyundai santa fe. Check out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know if you need anything rather to get the trouble fixed.

Ok, I started out through the automobile rattling when in idle and also the check engine light coming on. I took it to Autozone and also had lock scan it and also they claimed it to be a fifth cylinder misfire. They told me to examine the coils, some kinda sensor and if the fails readjust the spark plugs and also wires. Wasnt the coils, no the sensor, so ns switched the plugs and wires and also now the auto sounds like it wants to start, yet pops and also sounds favor its backfiring. WHAT DID ns DO? I've only newly been functioning on cars therefore any aid would it is in appreciated! thanks in advance!
I resolved it! I had actually the firing stimulate right however must not have torqued the plug right. Ns took everything apart then placed it back again check one last time. Turn the key and it started, but had a terrible clicking noise. Take it it come Autozone and the man said the sounded prefer my lifters. He told me come buy a have the right to of seafoam and put half in the oil and half in the gas. Walk it, still clicked, drove that home and also still clicked. Came inside and also read that you must let her engine idle for 5 minutes. Tried that and also reved that once, sounded choose it coughed and also shook a little, 3 minutes later on clicking walk away. Journey it around 10 minutes an hour later and also the examine engine light come off! quiet driving great about 20 mile in. Many thanks for replying!
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