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To all you gear Heads the end there-I recently dropped my 2003 VT750DC zero spirit and now i require a new fuel tank. What room my replacement options?Can i buy a supplied one turn off ebay v some chipped paint or something?Do most of the later on year shadows use the same fuel tank (obviously not the VT750c2)? For circumstances if i got a 2004 zero aero tank would certainly it it is in correct because that my my shadow spirit?Now i recognize the colors wont match however I"m thinking of a cool new paint plan while i figure this out.Thanks because that the helpJeff
Watch the model
I replaced the one on mine 1100 v an ebay tank. You must ask the seller is it has internal rust. Mine did, other than the it was specifically as described however he never discussed rust and I didn"t think come ask.Stay in the exact same product line and you should be ok. Friend may be able to get a brand-new tank but the one for mine lists at $1100.00
Same product line will help but much more specifically year and model...Honda has readjusted their underside size of the fuel tanks nearly yearly with the 90"s and several times in the 2000"s. It can be a frustrating experiance unless you watch for exactly the very same model and also year tank - at least in mine experiance with the late 90"s shadows - lot"s the tanks that looked close but would no fit, or pets **** on not correct side, etc.
Replacement spirit 750 DC Fuel Tank
I have a 750 DC share tank turn off an 06" no dents, scratches or rust. Watch great..color is black. Has actually some swirls on repaint from wax which I"m sure would buff out. $300. Plus shipping, i m sorry is around what they walk for top top E-Bay...sometimes more sometimes less.Tank lists because that $700 and adjust I think. I priced paint jobs and the price I got were between $400.00 and also $600.00........depending top top the painter. If you"re in search of a black color tank, this might be best up your ally. Good Luck.!!

Anyone recognize if a 2005 shadow heart 750 tank will certainly fit mine 2003 honda shadow spirit bike?I discovered a pretty one on ebay...I might have the ability to repair and also repaint my tank but i not think it will be the many economical means to carry out it.

I changed my 2001 VT750DC tank withy a 2005 mint problem used replacement turn off ebay. Dan great deal too, climate I offered my damaged one ~ above ebay, shops will certainly snap them increase at good prices. From 2001 t0 2007, the sizes are the same, after that the shadow lines adjusted the design a bit.

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To every you equipment Heads the end there-I newly dropped mine 2003 VT750DC shadow spirit and also now i require a new fuel tank.What are my replacement options?Can ns buy a supplied one off ebay through some chipped repaint or something?Do most of the later on year shadows usage the exact same fuel tank (obviously not the VT750c2)? For instance if i gained a 2004 shadow aero tank would it be correct for my mine shadow spirit?Now i know the colors wont match but I"m reasoning of a cool brand-new paint scheme while i number this out.Thanks for the helpJeff

How bad was the drop? How bad is the dent? having actually the tank repaired and repainted could an extremely well end up being cheaper 보다 replacing the tank. Had actually the same issue, bought my spirit from the previous owner who had actually dropped it, ~ doing the study I uncovered that the finest case scenario is likely $500 for a provided tank in good shape and also you don’t know if you’ll ever get the color you need.I ended up repairing the dent in my tank, smoothing it all out and also respraying the tank myself for under $200 in materials. This is together a usual problem i am considering to buy mildly dented 750 tanks and also repairing/reselling them. The only “new” choice is OEM and they’re $700+ Edit: Damn, this is an ooooold double bumped thread, added some decent information that is quiet relevant, everyone beware! old subject alert!

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