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This web page is taken directly from ours digital online hand-operated 42026 for the 2001-2011 Honda Civic and also 2002-2011 Honda CR-V through 1.7L, 1.8L, 2.0L or 2.4L engines. Over there is schedule for as soon as a journey axle CV share or CV boot will start to walk bad, however you should check for play, leaks, and torn or cracked rubber boots any type of time you space under the car. Your periodic oil change and tires rotation is a good time come look in ~ the CV joints for wear, and if her CR-V is AWD be sure to examine the rear axle together well. Below is a simple guide to checking them: Checking and Maintaining CV joint Boots.

Note: The manufacturer proposal you change the axle nut and stabilizer bar end link nut with new fasteners at any time you eliminate them

How come remove and also replace a Honda public 2001-2010 journey axle

Note: This video clip was made based on the Honda Civic, yet the CR-V is mostly the same. Any far-reaching differences will be listed in the message instructions.



Loosen the prior wheel lug nuts, progressive the vehicle and support that securely top top jack stands. Remove the wheel. 

(See illustration) Unstake the drive axle/hub nut with a punch or chisel


To download the new spring clip, start one finish in the groove and work the clip end the column end, right into the groove


Installation is the reverse of removal, yet with the following extr points:Remove the old set-ring native the journey axle or intermediate obelisk (depending ~ above which version you’re functioning on) and also install a brand-new one.Apply a movie of multi-purpose grease approximately the splines of the joints.When installing the drive axle, hold the journey axle directly out, then push it in high solution to seat the journey axle set-ring.Clean all international matter from the drive axle external CV share threads and also coat the splines with multi-purpose grease. Guide the journey axle right into the hub splines and install the new drive axle/hub nut.Tighten the seed securely but not to the specified torque at this time.Reconnect the manage arm, then tighten the suspension fasteners to the appropriate torque:Ball joint lock nut 43-51 ft-lbsStabilizer bar connect nutsCivic 2001-2005 29 ft-lbsCivic 2006-2010 25 ft-lbsCR-V 2002-2006 29 ft-lbsCR-V 2007-2011 58 ft-lbsInstall the wheel and also lug nuts, then lower the vehicle.Tighten the journey axle/hub nut to the appropriate torque:Civic (All but 2006-2010 public Si) 134 ft-lbsCivic Si 2006-2010 181 ft-lbsCR-V 2002-2006 181 ft-lbsCR-V 2007-2011 242 ft-lbs(See procedure below for CR-V behind specifics)Tighten the wheel lug nuts to the suitable torque:All models 80 ft-lbsAdd transaxle lubricant if it to be drained or if any fluid flood out.

Intermediate Shaft


Note: steps 10-15 because that removing the axle associated to the intermediate pillar are the same as step 1-5 above

Remove the intermediate shaft heat shield mounting bolts, then eliminate the heat shield. 

Remove the bearing support mounting bolts and slide the intermediate column out the the transaxle. Be careful not to damages the transaxle seal once pulling the obelisk out. 

Check the assistance bearing because that smooth operation by transforming the shaft while hold the bearing. If friend feel any kind of roughness, take the intermediate obelisk to one automotive an equipment shop or other qualified repair facility to have actually a new bearing installed.


Lubricate the lips that the transaxle seal through multi-purpose grease. Closely guide the intermediary shaft right into the transaxle side gear then download the mounting nuts because that the bearing support. Tighten the nuts to the ideal torque:Intermediate pillar bearing assistance bolts 29 ft-lbs

The remainder of environment is the turning back of removal.

Rear (AWD CR-V models)


Remove the wheel covering or hub cap. Unstake the drive axle/hub nut through a beat or chisel (see illustration above), climate break the hub nut loose with a socket and big breaker bar. 

Block the front wheels to prevent the auto from rolling. Loosen the wheel lug nuts, progressive the rear of the vehicle and also support it securely top top jack stands. Eliminate the wheel. 

Remove the journey axle/hub seed from the axle and also discard it. 

Detach the trailing arm from the knuckle (full instructions room in the manual Chapter 10 ), climate pry the knuckle outward and remove the outer end of the journey axle indigenous the hub.Caution: don’t let the journey axle hang by the inner CV joint.

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Place a drain pan under the behind differential. Pry the inner finish of the journey axle out of the differential and also remove that from the vehicle.


Pry the old feather clip indigenous the inner finish of the drive axle and also install a new one (see illustrations above).  Apply a light film of grease to the area ~ above the within CV joint stub obelisk where the seal rides, climate insert the splined finish of the within CV joint right into the differential. Make sure the feather clip locks in that groove. Apply a light film of grease to the external CV share splines, pry the trailing arm outward and insert the outer end of the journey axle into the hub. Connect the trailing arm to the knuckle and install the bolts. Making use of a floor jack, progressive the trailing arm to simulate normal ride height, climate tighten the bolt to the appropriate torque: Trailing arm to knuckle bolt 43 ft-lbs Install a new drive axle/hub nut. Tighten the hub nut securely, but don’t shot to tighten it come the yes, really torque specification till you’ve lower the vehicle to the ground. Install the wheel and also lug nuts, then reduced the vehicle. Tighten the lug nuts to the ideal torque:Wheel lug nuts 80 ft-lbs Tighten the journey axle/hub nut to the ideal torque detailed below , then, utilizing a hammer and also a punch, stake the collar that the nut right into the slot in the drive axle. Install the wheel sheathe or hub cap.Rear axle hub nut2002-2006 CR-V 134 ft-lbs2007-2011 CR-V 181 ft-lbs Check the differential lubricant, including as necessary to bring it come the proper level.