Package Includes: (1) Pair that Rockville RV69.4A 6x9" 4-Way vehicle Speakers 1000 Watts/220w RMS CEA Rated (1) METRA 72-7800 1986-2011 Honda civic Speaker Connector Harness

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Rockville car audio speakers make use of the latest in speaker an innovation for remarkable sound quality. Us use height quality polypropylene cones i beg your pardon are known for your high damping qualities. This method they can have a controlled break-up, which results in a smoother high frequency roll-off. Our Flexmotion Butyl Rubber Surrounds give the speaker a smooth response with minimal distortion. For smooth and also extended high frequency sound we used high temperature PEI dome tweeters v ferrite magnets. The RV-A collection speakers are designed with exceptional SPL solution and exceptionally high power taking care of making this perfect because that use with the amp built into her receiver or through a high powered outside amplifier. Because of their shallow mount design, these speaker fit in 97% of every vehicles.

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CEA Rated.Rockville auto audio speakers space CEA rated, what that means is that the customer Electronics Association establish these speaker to be accurately rated and meet their rigorous standards for wattage, SPL and also frequency response. Therefore while other manufacturers state “out-of-this-world” wattages on your products, you have the right to rest assured the your Rockville speak will work up to spec. And also exceed her expectations.

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What’ therefore special about Rockville speakers “in design terms”?The acoustic facility of a driver is the point in the driver indigenous which the sound shows up to originate. What is crucial in a great multi-element design is the difference in between the centers that the drivers. This is called relative acoustic offset. A an excellent speaker architecture features phase accuracy in and around the crossover point, because the interaction of the motorists is most influenced by the SPL magnitude and phase in this area. The Rockville designs allow for broad dispersion of the sound for finish musical immersion.Audio power is the electric power transferred from an audio amplifier come a loudspeaker, measure up in watts. The electric power ceded to the loudspeaker and also its sensitivity determines the sound power level generated with the balance gift converted come heat. Amplifiers are limited in the electric energy they have the right to amplify; loudspeakers are restricted in the electrical energy lock can transform to sound energy without distortion the audio signal or destroying them selves. These strength ratings are essential to consumers finding compatible products and comparing competitors. Because Rockville commodities are CEA rated, you can easily and accurately match any type of Rockville speaker to a CEA rated amplifier and also be guaranteed of your performance match.


Pair Rockville RV69.4A 6" x 9" 4-way auto speakers optimal Power Rating: 1000 watt per Pair / 500 watt Each CEA Compliant RMS Rating: 220 watts per Pair / 110 watts Each Polypropylene woofer gives amazing bass and mids Flex movement Butyl Rubber Surround 2.5” PEI dome tweeter through ferrite magnet give amazing highs 1.2” at sight tweeter 0.8” supervisor tweeter stole high top quality basket Rubber magnet boot cover Frequency response: 45-30,000 Hz Sensitivity: 91 dB
1w/1m Impedance: 4 Ohm Grilles had Aluminum voice coils 100% oxygen free copper voice coil windings noodle spider material Copper terminals Cutout diameter: 8.58” x 5.83” Magnet: 27 Oz Y25 magnet Magnet dimensions: 120mm x 18mm Fs: 62.55 hz Re: 3.6 OHM Qes: 0.021 Qts: 0.016 Qms: 0.077 Fits 6” x 9” openings top mounting depth: 3.35” 95% the installs usage the optimal mounting depth) Bottom mounting depth: 3.62” (This actions the speak from optimal to bottom)

About Rockville Quality control Procedures:TheRockville brand stands for Quality, Innovation and also Value. All Rockvilleproducts go with the most rigorous quality manage standards in theindustry. Assets go with months of extensive testing before theyreach your hands. All user attributes are tested and all internalcomponents space tested because that quality. Rockville makes commodities that arevirtually un-breakable! Rockville is just one of the just brands in that is classto test every principle model for weeks or months prior to startingproduction. Once production begins, Rockville sends product designers totheir manufacturing facility to quality manage every heat of production. Duringproduction every product is tested and also on optimal of that Rockville walk theextra mile and also has their high level product engineers do one additionalquality control. They test a particular percentage of all products from theproduction heat a 2nd time come ensure the the high quality meets theirvigorous standards, and to make certain that over there is never a batch ofproducts with even a slim problem. All Rockville commodities are backedwith a hassle free warranty, despite it is unlikely the you will need to

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METRA 72-7800 1986-2011 Honda public Speaker Connector exploit HONDA 82-Up speaker Harness offered as pair